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2012 Nissan Sport Cars GT-R EGOIST Created by Takumi

Nissan announced the car would get an exclusive luxury package called EGOIST, which tacks on almost the cost of another GT-R to the price tag. Each customer can choose a combination of interior colors among 20 choices. EGOIST is the first and only Nissan GT-R in the world exclusively created by using Takumi, or “master with finest capabilities”. In addition, the Bose® sound system is exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver to meet every customer’s needs. This is the ultimate expression of the Nissan GT-R.

Egoist takes a dry carbon rear spoiler (extensively utilized inside the SpecV). A strong aerodynamic overall performance even when driving with extra than three hundred kilometers consistent with hour, rear spoiler offers an severe look in the lower back with black carbon paint.

Lightweight and highly rigid forged aluminum wheels, used in the SpecV to reduce unsprung weight and contribute to a smooth driving experience. Newly developed five layers Blue Sword Chrome Color Coating adopted. 2012 Nissan Sport Cars GT-R EGOIST Created with the aid of Takumi uses a Titanium exhaust system, also used in the SpecV, providing agile accelerator response and a clear, exhilarating exhaust sound.

2012 Nissan Sport Cars GT-R EGOIST Created with the aid of Takumi

The new car will come with the pumped-up engine that will power next year’s Nissan Sport Cars GT-R. The twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 will unleash 520 bhp at 6400 rpm to all four wheels, while weighing in about 60 lb. less than the current car, thanks to lighter weight parts throughout the body. Peak torque, estimated at 452 lb.-ft., will be reached from 3200 to 5200 rpm. This means the car will be quicker than the current GT-R. The 2012 Nissan Sport Cars GT-R EGOIST will also have a more compliant suspension (via revised spring rates and slightly different geometry at the rear), while still being able to keep up with cars on the track. The interior will also have numerous key “Egoist” touches.

The car will be delivered to customers in December. The price of the GT-R Egoist is set at about 14,000,000 yen or $150,000, roughly $50,000 more than a stock GT-R and about $10,000 less than a Spec V. The company plans to only sell about 10 cars per month. Nissan U.S.A. has offered no comment about the Egoist and maintains that the only GT-R the company will be selling in the U.S in 2011 is the stock one, so don’t expect the Egoist or Spec V to come this way anytime soon.

2012 Nissan Sport Cars GT-R EGOIST Created with the aid of Takumi

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