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Fiat Viaggio (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Fiat Viaggio (2013) | Furthermore, Fiat Viaggio currently only be produced in China by cooperating with local companies assembling the GAC. Hopefully, Viaggio hit automotive market in the third quarter of this year. ROME - Fiat will reduce the number of manufacturers best models at Beijing Auto Show 2012 event which takes place in China. One of the newest models to be presented is the Fiat Viaggio.

Because, if marketed in continental blue will overlap with the latest Alfa sedan. As a Fiat-Chrysler products, Dodge Dart also has a twin named Fiat Viaggio. Fiat Viaggio use CUSW structure (Compact, U.S. Wide) equal to the Dodge Dart. According to Fiat, the latest platform is owned by the Fiat Group at this time, although it was actually developed for the Alfa Romeo Giuglietta.

Just as the Dodge Dart, Fiat Viaggio also configured 5-passenger sedan, equipped with 1.4-liter engine turbocharged 4-cylinder is the same. Viaggio also offered in two variants of power, 120 and 150 hp. Medium sedan is the biggest selling category in the China market, so it was right when Fiat launched Viaggio.

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