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2011 Kia Soul

Kia is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the Korea. Slowly, but surely this brand of car is making its way to the industry not only in Korea , but in other parts of the world as well this past few years. And to further cement its status in the industry the company has just introduced what they?Ve got as far as innovation and designed is concerned and this through the newly unveiled vehicle called Kia Soul. The 2011 Kia Soul is a trendy hatch although it looks more of a minivan that was introduced by Kia earlier this year. The Kia Soul is a trendy 5-door vehicle that comes with unmistakable looks that will surely capture the attention of a new group consumer especially those people who are looking for trendy looking vehicles in the market. This crossover hatch has 4 doors and a tailgate thus, making it a five-door vehicle that comes with a large and rounded bulging hood and flared wheel guards that is responsible in giving it a powerful and robust appearance.

The Kia Soul is also the company?S first contoh to offer customers several package options as well as various customization options that will give a more personal touch and aesthetic sense. Checking the Kia Soul inside will surely expose you to a surprisingly large interior space that comes with high-backed front seats and rear seats mounted at a good height that gives great comfort even for the very tall passengers.

Impressive 2011 Kia Soul With Full Of Creation

Luxury 2011 Kia Soul With Soft Color

Amazing 2011 Kia Soul With Beautiful Lighting

2011 Kia Soul Interior View

Active 2011 Kia Soul

2011 Kia Soul Show Up

2011 Kia Soul Hatchback

Performance wise, its engine offers a good performance as it responds well to the pressure on its accelerator. It can carry itself well in urban traffic though it struggles a little at low revs. Overall, the Kia Soul truly shines on the road. The Kia Soul also ranks 12 out of 33 Affordable Small Cars in the industry. Apparently, this ranking is based on the analysis made on 30 published reviews and test drives made on this very impressive Kia Soul.

The Kia Soul in four well-equipped trim levels which include a base edition, the Soul Plus, Soul Exclaim and the Soul Sport. The Kia Soul is one of the most affordable cars in the market with a price ranging from $ 13,300 to $ 18,495.

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