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The Peugeot HR1 Concept Story

In October, a listing of standards developed through Russian designers for the sector?S largest corporations, introduced to a crossover Peugeot HR1.

So, the mission began in September 2009. The designers had been tasked to do offroad for a town with a hybrid, compact, but with 4 full seats. The outdoors had to explicit the DNA of the logo and broaden a fashion inherent within the concept SR1. As you can do not forget, at this roadster turned into first introduced new proprietary grid, its writer ? Nicolas Brisson (Nicolas Brissonneau).

The Peugeot HR1 Concept Story

In vnutristudiynom opposition conceptual designs related to several designers, but changed into chosen choice, Artema as high-quality meets the specified requirements. Looking ahead, we can say that as compared with the selected final layout sketches Peugeot HR1 almost unchanged.

Typical, very recognizable sidewall used Artem ? The result of collective work of designers Peugeot. The motif first regarded within the SR1 and become continued at the HR1 and EX1. And this is one detail of corporate identification marks.

Peugeot HR1 Concept Wheel 1

One source of inspiration (but not primary) for Artem served as a concept bike Peugeot B1K. Designer inspired finesse the bike and attention to detail displayed by the author. Thus, the concept appeared on the roof and aluminum elements with integrated rearview camera. Well as techniques used in the design B1K, can be seen on the grid and the front optics of the crossover. Color schemes, as well as the materials chosen Color & Trim Division in coordination with the designers.

In a recent story about the design center of Peugeot you’ve ever seen models made of foam, but for modeling HR1 was chosen clay. It allows one to clearly convey the surface, it can be painted or obtyanut film to see the reflection on the surface.

The author of the interior design concept was Frederick ANTEC (Frederic Antecki). Artem and Frederik worked side by side, interacting in the work on the interior and exterior. They often talked of the project, since both depended on each other. Interior fit under the exterior required a lot of time, effort and teamwork.

To the question whether there are any problems, difficulties at work, Artem says that a lot had to learn, and adds:

“Nichego not born easily in this world. Of course there are moments of when you have to think more, put more attention and effort, besides it was my first show car. Complexity certainly were, but everything is fine. It turned out to cope with the tasks. Bright moments, too many, the process goes from the drawing up and booth at the auto show, when you see the car and his head goes through all of what you have lived during the work. It’s awesome! This adrenaline. ”

Often designers are not very happy with the results of its work, complain to the circumstances as possible, but Artem believes that this time the team of designers Peugeot all happened: “I do not want to change anything, it was conceived so what is, not all the time to improve. And for what? I want to do something else, not less interesting. ”

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