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The new Cullinan was revealed in May 2018. Rolls Royce Cullinan is one of the most opulent and most high-priced SUV models in the world, designed for driving on different terrains so that the luxury off-road journey turns it into reality. When we talk about representing a contoh, we first notice its dashboard and dimensions.

The back of the Cullinan is different from any other available Rolls Royce, unlike the front panel and sides. It also has its own back door, which has an electrically operated two-piece hatch, which provides more options when loading the boot.

The rear part is stabilized thanks to the short lid on the deck that rises above the shoulders, the vertical headlights, and the rear window. Cullinan can be recognized as a Rolls Royce along its pantheon grid, square headlights, long hood, thick D pillars and 22 inches of aluminum wheels. Cullinan is the second vehicle built on the flexible aluminum architecture of the company after the discovery of Phantom VIII to support any future Rolls Royce. It is a very large car and its dimensions are: length-5,341 mm, width-dua,164 mm and height-1,835 mm. The weight is 2,660 kg, which is not surprising when the dimensions are taken into account.

The inside of Cullinan is identical to the inside of the Phantom, which is adding luxury features. It's designed conservatively without much experimentation, so the instrument panel is classical and analogous, here is the gosip system with a touch-sensitive digital touch screen discreetly fitted into the cockpit.

When it comes to comfort, Cullinan can be ordered in two configurations: one rear seat configuration that is separated by a central console and drinks, refrigerator and champagne holders, while the other configuration includes a 3-seat layout and this layout maybe not so convenient. The car floor sits lower than the top of the back seat in order to prevent the luggage from sliding forward. The boot space has a capacity of 600 liters, but the rear seats can be assembled and so gets a capacity of 1,930 liters!

Cullinan is known for having an assistance and paling aman system, and these are night vision cameras that alert us to animals and passengers whether they are on the road, there is a 4-panorama camera system, Head-Up Screen high-resolution, WI-FI, navigation, and other entertainment systems. Rolls Royce Cullinan is the same as the Phantom, but only some additional parts add another 200 kg. The V12 is turbocharged, 6.75 liters, while delivering 563 horsepower forces, the torque has been reduced from 663 to 627 kg.

Cullinan uses an all-wheel-drive system, so all four wheels receive a fraction of the power, all of which are contributed by the same eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, thereby improves stability and Cullinan makes it faster across the corners and allows it to reach a top speed of 250 km / h in electronic form.

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