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RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #5 W I D T H

Accentuating curves in white, there's nothing to hide.

The Rx-7 is coming collectively slowly. However like all matters, you want a plan. I kind of taped on the fenders to get a simple concept of offset.

I'm jogging on a Custom DRB chassis, 6 up the front is perfect and nine on the rear. This may sound a piece slim, but the chassis is wide song already.

On my other DRb, eleven is the putting all round.

Www.RC-P!PES.Com Black Series sell off pipe is best for this machine. Mounted at the chassis.

Bonnet vents suck! It takes sooooooo long the get the rims best. Front lighting fixtures had been "diminished" I took approximately 5mm out if the center. Opened up the rear section and now they may be sitting where they should be.

For all people building an FD3s shell, you need to open up the rear for the covers to paintings the way an FD does. The pop up headlight pivot point isn't always proper at the again.

You may start to see the diffused paint impact. Gold and Silver in mild. Pink and green in different lights.

Rear wing is magnet.

But most of the time you can't see it at all. Just how I wanted it.

So there may be now not a great deal left to do... Front variety plate to cowl the terrible drill holes wherein the drill stuck on the first-rate gentle demi works lexan and moved before cutting through earlier than I could even suppose.

And then a sprint.

And some stickers.

And the diffuser.

I'm now not going to pin the fenders in area except somesome loopy urge takes over.

Almost prepared.... Ready waiting.

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