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The new product of the designer Luc Donckerwolke is Hyundai Kona. It is one of the greatest designer's perfections, although at first glance it looks like a designer exercise with more lights and more venting holes in front of the mask in general, it looks fantastic. Kona is one of the rivals that competes with Suzuki Vitara, Toyota G-HR, Opel CrosslandX, Renault Captur ... In addition to the mentioned rivals, the new Kia Stonic is also presented.

These two models are distinguished by their technology, Stonic is set to Kia Rio, so Kona takes the 4x4, and in the future will take the battery part required for electric movement, placed on a new modular platform from the Hyundai Elantra. Length 417cm ( tiga), width 180 ( 4) and height 155cm ( 5) Kona exceeds Stonic in all directions, with a longer intercostal distance of 260cm ( dua) and has greater visibility. They have in common only the toughness, because Kona is made with high-strength steel and is precisely made in South Korea's Ulsanu. Perhaps because of this he has received five EuroNCAP stars, the practice at the last time shows that he slowly loses the stars.

The Korean SUV in the interior does not have any designer looks, it is subordinated practically and functionally, almost monotonously, the offer has no extra packages for individuals. The test bench seats are combined with leather and fabric, the doors are coated with leather, the middle backrest is also coated with leather, the rest of the interior is in the tin color, naturally supplemented with metallic paint - Acid Yellow. We can spot The Blue Acid Yellow in the interior on the safety belts, the gear box, the ventilation box ... There is a relatively small gear in some places bold, which is well-fitted on the hand, the instruments are clear and well-lit, and the seats are comfortable. On the steering wheel there are buttons that can control the multimedia, cruise control ... Kone is in principle rich in equipment in the front, it houses a large screen, leather-coated gearbox, climate control, cruise control and buttons for bringing glasses and mirrors.

Outside of the Kone are 16 inch rims, hoods and roof racks. The basic contoh also offers a warning when driving on the track, warning the driver and helping to drive the hills.

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