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Mercedes SL-Class convertible is an ideal one

Powerful petrol engines are bombastic in performance

With lot of appeal, new Mercedes Benz SL-Class is the most efficient convertible

Sporty, elegant and stylish Mercedes SL-Class is an efficient and appealing one along with superb interior and classy features. Its sleek body with long wheel base body frame and strong chassis have made it a competent brand of its class. Efficient petrol engines are the best ever Mercedes Benz has made for its vehicles. Well balanced and with great road grip, it offers great driving experience. Speed is really fast. Two-door convertible by Mercedes is at the top with all of its features and stylish appearance. Only one vehicle, Porsche 911 is the real rival of this car and no one else. Continue to read more about Mercedes SL-Class must, visit German car tech first.

Mercedes SL-Class

Interior and practicality

Mercedes has placed all its engineering and designing in its convertible to prove it that it's miles the first-class ever in its field. Interior is highly-priced and beneficiant one with masses of beneficial kits. Interior is of top and elegant material that's first rate one. Practicality may be very critical for a convertible. It is a superb and realistic convertible of the day with appropriate seating arrangement in conjunction with sufficient apace at front and at rear. Well knitted interior have all fashionable functions with style apart. Its garage potential at back is also affordable and proper with 370-litres; it's miles elegance main in this connection.

Mercedes SL-Class Out side

With turbocharged petrol engines Mercedes SL-Class convertible is the second maximum effective convertible

There are giants under the sleek bonnet of stylish Mercedes SL-Class convertible. The bombastic power train has many powerful engines but three engines are note worthy and absolute great performer. 4.7-Litre with 448bhp and 518lb/ft torque is a powerful engine and takes 4.5 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h. it is a V8 petrol engine and gives 30m/g of fuel average. Enough for a bully with thirty two-valves. It is coupled with seven-speed automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive as standard.

Mercedes SL-Class Interior

Second one is a 5.4litre V8 petrol engine with 576bhp and 664lb/f torque. It is the second one fastest engine within the petrol range. It takes 4.1 seconds to get from zero-62m/h and top velocity of this bully is 155m/h. Gas common is 25m/g in conjunction with 229g/km of Co2 emissions. It is coupled with seven-velocity Tip Auto computerized gearbox and rear-wheel pressure as widespread.

Third one is a 6.0litre V12 petrol engine and it is the fastest in all convertibles with 3.9seconds time frame for 0-62m/h sprint with top speed of 155m/h. fuel consumption is very high and this engine gives just 23m/g of fuel average with 279g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with seven-speed automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive as standard. We offer exceptional & quick Mercedes Reconditioned Engines Service in all over UK at affordable price. Visit us at www.germancartech.co.uk and get free price quotes.

Mercedes SL-Class Engine

Safety standards are outstanding for this cruiser

Mercedes Benz SL-Class is the world’s second fastest convertible, its speed is so fast due to its extra ordinary big and gigantic turbo charged petrol engine, especially the V 12 one. Safety measures and features are extra ordinary. It has secured five stars rating from Euro NCAP. Adaptive braking and stability control, skid control and electronic driver to assist the driver in emergency is the most exceptional feature of this car.

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