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Cool Limousines

Spotted this cool batmobile modded limousine (or Batmosine) in New York City last month. The carblog Autogespot suspects that it’s built from a Corvette C4, but that’s all the information we could find. If anybody has any further information on this cool car then email us so we can include it here.

Love the spoiler!

Here is a video of the batmosine that someone posted on YouTube:

Exotic Luxury Limousines Pictures

A collection of seriously cool limousines from around the world including Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, monster truck limos, VW camper vans and Beetles, Hummers and much more.

From the longest to the coolest, they are all pictured below with most interior and exterior shots. I wonder what the car insurance quote would cost for a limosine!


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