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2017 Mercedes-Benz SL for sale | mercedes benz sl klasse

2017  Mercedes-Benz SL for sale | mercedes benz sl klasse
2017  Mercedes-Benz SL for sale | mercedes benz sl klasse
2017  Mercedes-Benz SL for sale | mercedes benz sl klasse. While the original Mercedes-Benz SL may have earned its initials as a means of signifying its inherent athletic iness and illuminated load, modern iterations of the German two-seater have long since abandoned those tones. Sport has fallen by the wayside in favor of indulgence and elaboration, while weight has been piled onto the SL like gravy on minced potatoes. In point, the last SL we experimented, a beastly Mercedes-AMG SL65, tip-off our scales at 4151 pounds, or 80 pounds more than our long-term Nissan Murano. Even a six-cylinder SL400 we tested in 2015 weighed in at a porky 3843 pounds.While the apple has fallen far from the tree that once spawned the acclaimed 300 SL Gullwing coupe, today's sumptuou, leather-lined SL roadster competently blends ease and fast. And thanks to the new Designo Edition, Mercedes-Benz's hardtop convertible can now be sprayed with an additional dosage of vogue. Accessible both on the 362 -hp twin-turbo V-6 SL450 and the 449 -hp twin-turbo V-8 SL550, the special model includes a position of 10-spoke AMG wheels( 19 -inch up front, 20 -inch in the rear ), extra chrome on the front bumper shield, and Designo Edition logos on the front fender express. Make-up options are limited to Brilliant Blue Metallic and Cardinal Red Metallic.

Inside, the Designo Edition SL is tagged by a white-and-black skin interior that includes" piano lily-white" decorate on the dashboard and entrance bodies. Matching the SL's palatial mood, the Designo Edition starts standard with facets such as heated and cooled seats with a built-in rub run, Mercedes-Benz's Airscarf neck warmer, and a emcee of active safety gear, including adaptive cruise mastery, lane-keeping abet, blind-spot monitoring, and automated emergency braking.

Pricing for the Designo Edition won't be liberated until closer to the on-sale appointment this summer. For citation, high standards six-pot SL450 starts at $87,875, while the eight-cylinder SL550 opens at $111,725. Since this SL is still sporty and far heftier than its forebear, it seems the classification no longer indicates" boast glowing" but" stylish indulgence ," and the new Designo Edition has both in spades.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive

The SL lineage had earned its culture payments by has become a primary interpretation of beautiful droptop motoring since the 1954 190 SL and the 1957 300 SL roadster. The 1963 230 SL, otherwise known by the hallowed moniker" Pagoda Roof ," followed that devastating first accomplishment. Move 2008, the past year of the R230 series, the fundamental proportions of the SL63 AMG were almost fine enough to justify redesigning the Fibonacci spiral.

The R2 31 Mercedes-Benz SL that arrived in 2013 had just one conspicuous demerit: the method it inspected. Because of this, it symbolized there was everything wrong with it. In our First Drive of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL, we opened the discussion of its modernized face with the gentle phrase" a startling rework ," then laid straight into bare-knuckle boxing with" we can't avoid paying elephant in the garage: styling ." Not everyone agreed on what kind of devil had taken up palace in the carport, but even Mercedes knew it had scored ein Eigentor - an own-goal.

For 2017 the give is in, chiefly a revamped front end that repairs almost all the damage. The grille opening throws 180 stages to words a conventional trapezoid influence. By having regions that gather upward, the internal edges of the headlights present natural, parallel edges with the center opening. Those adjustments, plus the smooth sheetmetal, eliminate the crisscrossing directions and geometric leftovers from the previous-generation SL. The dual LED headlights are also wider than the retiring single-lamp groups, the unfold number making for a well balanced front. The diameter is accented with brand-new positions in the lower bumper, as well as a wide, narrow "A-wing" spread between large, square-ish uptakes. While still not supremely graceful when deemed dead-on, it is a huge and welcome improvement.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
Alterations' round back are limited to the bumper, which gets air extractors along the edges and more rakish trapezoidal tailpipe finishers flanking a diffuser-like put. The cosmetic efforts increase the convertible's period from 181.6 inches to 182.3, and drop its height from 51.8 inches to 51.2. 

Interior revises include a brand-new steering wheel blueprint with a round midst area, two more ambient illuminate alternatives, plus an all-black color scheme for the instrument gather and dash-mounted analog clock. Saddle brown leather obstructs join the options list; two USB ports join the link alternatives in the center console storage area.

With the prettify returns additional rendition, and continuing education in why the SL-Class model range represents four paces on the stairway to roadster heaven. The decisive achievement is that the SL4 50 is an fantastically satisfying starting point.

Known as the SL400 presently, the SL450 carries over the 3.0 -liter twin-turbo V6, but brings with it 32 more horsepower and 15 more pound-feet of torque, totaling 362 mares and 369 lb-ft. The brand-new quantities contract the 0-60 sprint from 5.1 seconds to 4.9 seconds. Take one step up to the SL5 50 and you'll find the 4.7 -liter twin-turbo V8, with its yield unchanged at 449 hp and 516 lb-ft, but its 0-60 flair be reduced by two tenths of a second to 4.3- pairing a Porsche 911 S Cabriolet- thanks to the brand-new nine-speed manual transmission. Standard tire sizes on both simulations increase from 18 inches to 19, but the rotate extents and tire footprints don't change- rather, the sidewalls contract to accommodate. AMG-tuned SL63 and SL65 simulations carry over, and we'll have a full report on those adorables in the not-too-distant future.

Mercedes awarded perky remark on the V6 and listed the V8 the cruiser, but these are ornamental importants- any configuration in the SL range is a fine tool for carving up valleys. It's been this acces since 2009, when Mercedes "ve decided that" doctors and their girlfriends should get as much rapture from twisty bendy streets as they led from their billets-doux . The 450 is fitted with a totally different spend than the 550, so it's gruffer in every one of the 5 driving commonwealths before" youre starting" propagandizing hard-boiled. The substantive schisms, though, are the lighter constraining load of the V6 and having to work it marginally harder to draw out the performance.

Mercedes didn't divulge curb forces for the US-spec modelings, but the current, 2016 simulation time SL400 and SL550 variants are 165 pounds apart. An operator told us that the V6 engine alone is 121 pounds lighter than the V8 on the 2017 modelings, so the SL450 gets an entirely different suspension and you can feel those missing pounds in the sprightlier movements of the convertible's nose. What you get in the SL550, then, is more acceleration and meatier dynamic sensations.

SL modelings can be optionally fitted with the Curve Tilting function obligating its road through the Mercedes lineup. If opted, it replaces the Eco mode in the drive establishes, and employs the suspension's hydraulic rams to tilt the vehicle in the direction of a arch up to 2.65 degrees beyond horizontal to counter lateral acceleration. Contrary to our hopes, Mercedes considers this a convenience facet, which is why it has its own direct and doesn't operate in either of the Sport modes. Speaking of which, our alone gripe about the differences among drive modes is having a button, instead of a knob, to choice them. Button operation means you might need to hertz through every option to get the one you miss. This was fine when there were only three options- Sport, Economy, and Comfort. Contributing two more necessitates paying attention.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class First Drive
The nine-speed transmission earned high-pitched commemorates for being so finely carolled that we principally rejected it. The common foible of multitudinous gearsets- dithering through the cogs at low-pitched rates or part throttle -didn' t follow. A wring on the accelerator unlocked a immediate decline of two gears, and exercising full boot got the transmission to descend three or four gears in a single leap.

Otherwise, the 2017 variance is all SL all the time during cosmopolitan jaunts. A powered breeze deflector positions with a button press but you'll is a requirement to hike the windows to rightfully calm the compartment. You can heighten and lower the ceiling at speeds of up to 25 km / hour, but the operation must be initiated from a impasse. German rule asks the license plate be visible if a gondola is moving, and the stem snaps back to accommodate the top panels, briefly obscuring the plate, so the result is a compromise between Mercedes and the German federal authorities. A new electronic stem separator heaves and lowers depending on the ceiling position to construct the most of the 8.5 cubic feet of cargo area.

Perhaps most importantly for the SL buyer, the blue chip convertible still lure lots of gapes from lots of attentions wherever you take it. This time, nonetheless, especially among those in the know, it's for all the right reasons.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class isn't quite a sports car, but it's a rapid, open-air touring coupe extraordinaire.

Nearly every vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz model lineup has become a little more unmistakable and expressive during the past year or two; and with the arrival of a refreshed 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL lineup, the same applies to the indulgence automaker's classic two-seater.

Not quite a sports car, but a extremely sumptuous two-seat convertible--a high-luxury roadster, some might call it--the SL operates as" the S-Class of jaunty cars" by offering a whole lot of sophistication and high-tech indulgence appliances to go with its seemingly painless influence and amazingly nimble on-road styles. Today's SL is available in SL4 50, SL550, AMG SL6 3, and AMG SL6 5 flavors.

The portfolio has been broader in the past, but it has certainly never been better.

The SL is targeted at a wide range of patterns that bridge indulgence and performance, including the sumptuous Jaguar F-Type, the Aston Martin DB9, and the Porsche 911 assortment, as well as the remorseless Dodge Viper and exhilarating Chevrolet Corvette. While the current sit was launched for 2012, the 2017 sit time has brought some significant changes, including a svelte new look and new 9-speed automatic transmissions.

We give the current model a 7.8 out of 10, with high brands for performance, ease, and features.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

Mercedes SL styling and performance

The current generation of the SL was already exuberantly vast and cocky on the outside. Yet for 2017 its styling has been cleared even a little more resounding, with new LED headlamps, a recently determined twin-powerdome punk, and a somewhat more upright grille. Revelation received from the acclaimed 300 SL Panamericana racing car with its steeply raked radiator grille. In figurehead there's also an A-wing scheme that leads to a body-color splitter that conjures the age-old car.

We've always thought that the current generation of the SL was at a bit of a inconsistency from the back, where the tapered regard and taillights seem to come from another auto or the other studio altogether; although for 2017 the taillights and some of the body panels have been rubbed for a more sporting regard. Inside , not all that much changes for the SL with its refresh. It's already a cockpit that appears implemented with precision--a touring sports-car copy of business-jet air travel, perhaps, with round aviation-style ducts, and a big( slightly higher this year) infotainment scree. The infotainment is integrated within the sprint, rather than freestanding, as in some of the brand's newer, lower-priced representations.

The vast majority of the SL lineup for 2017 get new 9-speed automateds, although the hardly subtle top-performance AMG forms stick with a 7-speed Speedshift automatic. The 2017 SL lineup starts with the SL450, with a twin-turbocharged 3.0 -liter V-6 realizing 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Above it, the SL550 offers a twin-turbo 4.7 -liter V-8 , now upgraded to 449 hp and 516 lb-ft. And at the top of the lineup, the Mercedes-AMG SL6 3 comes with twin-turbo 5.5 -liter V-8( 577 hp and 664 lb-ft) while the SL65 gets a massive 6.0 -liter twin-turbo V-12 engine churning out 621 hp and 738 lb-ft. We tend to think that the SL63 punches the sweetened discern for conduct and treat. The SL65 is the fastest, though; it can sprint to 60 mph in only 4.0 seconds, or to a top speed of 186 mph.

The 2017 frameworks haven't yet been assigned a rating by the EPA, but we're approximating they'll follow last year's. The SL400 succeeded 20 mpg city, 27 street, 23 blended, which we expect to rise a little thanks to the brand-new 9-speed. The SL65 probably won't do much better than its 14/21/ 17 mpg rating, however.

In any of its variants and editions , no matter how potent, the SL suffers far more like a grand-touring coupe than an all-out sports car. The base two-mode adjournment, with or without the sport motors and brakes, is actually our preference to the exotic and expensive Active Body Control refurbish. "Sport" state with the base setup can feel a bit like "comfort," but the stock SL administers wide-cut sweepers with charm. The electric power steering in the SL isn't engaging in any sports-car ability either. Although Mercedes-Benz has made some tuning changes in the 2017 SL, includes the addition of the latest curve-tilting function to Active Body Control, so we'll update these notions after revisiting the' 17 model.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

SL comfort, security, and aspects

The SL's interior is a suitable indulgence compartment, with great apartment and fine parts. Seats are wide-cut more supportive, and they conform snugly to a surprising assortment of person modes, thanks to 12 -way changes, the most useful of who are likely to the bottom cushion extender. This time there's a new three-spoke, flat-bottom steering wheel, and a few of the buttons ought to have reconfigured. Behind the seats, there's only a tighten room, wide enough for a briefcase. The stalk contains a roll-on bag or two with the roof promoted, or only soft-sided handbags when it's lowered.

The SL remains a retractable hardtop that can be operated at speeds of up to 25 mph. A trunk button powers the packed roof boards up and out of the lane for easier shipment loading.

All SL frameworks come with Mercedes' COMAND infotainment system. For 2017 the infotainment screen goes slightly larger. There's Apple CarPlay smartphone integration as part of a packet, and the system presents full sailing as an option. Comfort- and safety-oriented alternatives are really the SL's strength, though; happenings like Airscarf neck ducts and glorious Harman Kardon or Bang& Olufsen audio making such cabin a great pleasure to invest hours and daylights in--as does the folding hardtop within existing Magic Sky Control, which forms the roof's glass body obscurity like a pair of pricey sunglasses.

On the safety front, the SL is excellent among achievement automobiles in that it inherits a lot of the world-class active-safety aspects that are given to the S-Class flagship sedan. From knee airbags to adaptive cruise dominate, Collision Prevention Assist Plus, radar cruise dominate, blind-spot monitors, and active lane dominate, this framework is very safe on paper, but no crash-test data exists

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL gets a bolder front end that's more in sync with the brand's glance, though it's a two-part design.

The Mercedes-Benz SL has gone through a number of fairly distinct blueprint generations--and from shocking gullwings and pagoda-roofed coupes, to duller, softer--yet still fabulous--vehicles like the "Dallas" -era graves from the 1980 s and early 1990 s, they all have a distinct, consolidating look.

That stands true-life for the present pattern, which actually get precisely a little bit better aesthetically for 2017. The tapered inspect and taillights have always seemed a little bit at odds with the rest of the car, and for 2017 the taillights and some of their own bodies committees have been rubbed for a more sporting inspect. We apply it a 7 for styling.( Read more about how we charge gondolas .)

The design can be confusing. It sits somewhere between the more dramatically styled SLs and those that were more subtle, with some components resting one style and others at the opposite outcome of the range. The front end is imposing--thanks predominantly to European safety regulations that require taller hoods to keep pedestrians in accidents--but evades searching heavy. That leaves the SL with a large snout, more like those of the' 60 s mannequins, which leads to a more formal-looking profile. The oversized grille and enormous air dikes help disprove some of the obvious size, and the great, rounded headlights team with enticing LED running lights.

The front-end nips are a relatively minor point in all but the full-frontal panorama of the SL, where it's been given time a bit more of the" beautiful maw" grille--a more open, more sculpted sound that's at once more beautiful and more aggressive. Yet this front-end appearing, while it fits well into the rest of the current M-B lineup, does give the look a more polarized, two-sided design ethos: chiseled.

Some of the most critical longtime Mercedes-Benz followers might say that the SL now has a brawny sport-sedan front end copulated to a elegant touring coupe rear two-thirds. Strictly from the side chart, it's still far from the prettiest, most perfectly proportioned SL; but from the other collective slants the facelift manages to help command fairly the presence.

The view is best from the breast fourths, where you been a good panorama of the SL's doorways that are stamped with straked C-scoops that thrust the door controls. With the top up, the slope of the roofline and teardrop-shaped taillights are out of equilibrium with the front end, but with the top down, they fall more smoothly into line.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

Mercedes SL interior

Inside , not all that much changes for the SL with its freshen; it's already a cockpit that detects performed with precision--a touring sports-car copy of business-jet air travel, perhaps, with round aviation-style express, and a big( slightly larger this year) infotainment scree--one that's integrated within the panache, rather than freestanding, as in some of the brand's newer, lower-priced models.

There are two sequences of seaming through the skin, there's enough metallic decorate to perplex an Audi, the steering wheel's slightly flat at its freighter, and the shifter is just a nubbin on the center console. The small-minded shifter does have the advantage of opening up the room and shape apartment for other masteries and storage, but we would also like a manual.

The dash remains a bit different than the daring designs offered in some of Mercedes-Benz's smaller attempts, like the C-Class, and in the flagship S-Class, in that it's a little less spurting and organic and instead a little more traditional and compartmentalized. Four express are chrome-tipped with four-pointed suns, and they secure the panache, split up here and there by a duo of cut-tube estimates, a large TFT screen, an optional hooded analog clock, and a circle of trim, available in either warm or dark shiny lumber, aluminum, or carbon fiber.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class


AMG prototypes furnish a lot of feeling; yet it's clear the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL is a touring coupe( and roadster) first.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL sits aren't quite sports cars--not even in top AMG guise--although they deliver startling straight-line concert as well as some of the touring indulgence that those steadfast to the SL badge will expect.

While swift and potent, the cars are every bit the deluxe, jaunty touring roadster those SL loyalists have adoration for so many years--now with a little more framework technology that will help give both you and your passenger to have a better duration on curvy superhighways. We give the part SL range an 8 for concert, coming down in favor of its strong AMG editions

SL powertrains and concert

The vast majority of the SL lineup for 2017 goes new 9-speed automateds, although the hardly slight top-performance AMG editions stick with a 7-speed Speedshift automatic.

The 2017 SL lineup starts with the SL450, with a twin-turbocharged 3.0 -liter V-6 impelling 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Above it, the SL550 offers a twin-turbo 4.7 -liter V-8 , now upgraded to 449 hp and 516 lb-ft. And at the top of the lineup, the Mercedes-AMG SL6 3 come here for twin-turbo 5.5 -liter V-8( 577 hp and 664 lb-ft) while the SL65 gets a big 6.0 -liter twin-turbo V-12 engine churning out 621 hp and 738 lb-ft. We tend to think that the SL63 punches the sweetened recognise for act and handling.

In a gondola that's been designed with such intrinsic forgivenes, the AMG SLs can feel a bit pressured. That announced, the SL63 is a brilliant athlete, the meticulously engineered, sharply-tuned bestial of the lineup. Its pulse, bawl, crackling high-revving V-8( 577 hp and 664 lb-ft) ever detects just a bit over-the-top in reverberates, hotshots, and actual capability transmission, and the 7-speed AMG Speedshift transmission is a gem with this combination, administering to change with delicate precision at amiable throttle openings more bang out racing-influenced powershifts when "youve been" is a requirement to scoot.

Seven races are more than enough; the awful, accept 7-speed AMG transmission arguably does a better job in most respects than the 9-speed in the mainline models--and it allows full manual ensure, accommodating the selected gear even with the accelerator mush to the floor.

But across either of these transmissions, there's no is a requirement to even use the manual mode, as the electronic alteration buttons appear telepathic, blipping to a lower paraphernalium with just a touch of the brakes before a reces or to ensure rate on a steep downhill.

We haven't driven the 621 -hp, V-12-powered S65 this time, but it remains the banshee of the lineup--a car that's technically the quickest and fastest in the lineup( 0-60 in four seconds, 186 mph ), but with enough additional weight to part back to the S63 as the superior handler.

Moving to the non-AMG accounts, it's the twin-turbo V-8 in the SL550 that best seems to fit the relaxed yet strong touring character that's a natural with this car. It lopes together with a polished character a suitable touring coupe should dominate, although we noticed some vulgar behavior at very low speeds and soothing throttle with the nine-speed and this engine.

With the brand-new, more powerful 3.0 -liter twin-turbo V-6( 362 -hp, 369 lb-ft ), the SL450 feelings nearly as rapid as the V-8 in driving anywhere near legal speeds; meanwhile the chime is a little more strident, so as long as you don't desire the specific characteristics of a V-8 this device will do just fine in flaunting your( or your spouse's) perceive in roadster style.

Ride and treating

Mercedes-Benz has formed meaningful modification of the practice the SL-Class moves and holds for 2017, and the brand-new Curve Tilting feature for the available Active Body Control( ABC) makes all the difference.

ABC is a full active suspension system, controlled under hydraulics and capable of adapting its parameters in milliseconds. It helps kill elevate during hard acceleration , nosedive during hard braking, and organization roller( tilting to the outside of the reces) during hard cornering.

This system, which has been offered as an option for years, has been a mixed support, because the hotshots it provisions tend to feel peculiar in tight switchbacks, as the car abides flat. Yet with the Curve Tilting function, the exclusion works to help the car bend into regions up to 2.65 positions, as a motorcycle rider would, to increase lateral Gs within the car. That campaigns the unnatural compassion in autoes with ABC around tight corners, and it moves the SL a lot more fun to drive--and less disturbing to the passenger.

Even in locate autoes you get a steel-spring exclusion, supplemented by a variable damper organization that conforms with the Dynamic Select states( now Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, and Individual )-- and, to some degree, to driving vogue and road conditions.

Overall, the SL feelings far more like a grand-touring coupe than an all-out sports car. The electric power steering in the SL isn't engaging, but it feelings stable on middle, and has quicker replies far off hub to reduce motor movement.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Comfort& Quality

There's only gap for two, but the gap is lovely and as neatly trimmed as any inclined convertible passenger might want.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL has an inviting cabin--one that vanishes overboard on items, and one that find even as lavish and cozy, exceed up or top down.

We give it an 8 for consolation and character. Yes, it only sits 2 and its stalk is hilarious, but it seats those 2 fares in ultimate comfort.( Read more about how we proportion automobiles .)
The driver and fare are folded into a wood-and-leather-trimmed module glimmering with gently sheened metallic shave and a gleam TFT screen at the centre of the flair. A aim of controller husks unionize basic audio roles and COMAND holds, and under a trio of upholstered flip-up lids, you'll find the USB and iPod ports and the convertible top substitution. The holds are grouped logically, but aren't all recognized transparently. The wide center console flares out toward inboard knees to accommodate a big pair of cupholders: composition that a winning for us Yanks.

Part of the appeal is the SL's decent seat, and with the roof lowered, easy-going access. With the roof raised, going in necessary more of a mid-waist deform, but entry and outlet aren't as difficult as countless sports cars. Once in, the SL's posteriors are wide-ranging and passionately scooped, with moderately flat bottom cushions that can be extended for better comfort.

Comfort in the SL simulates , no matter which one you choose, is better than what you'll find in most prestige indulgence cars expensing quite a bit more. Highlightings include strong cooled posteriors, massage fanny boasts, and, of course, Airscarf, which blows warmed air onto your neck on cool mornings.

Cargo space, however, is tight. The shallow storage area behind the seats is quite small, with chamber only for the purposes of an ultrabook or two. With the roof raised there's chamber for one or perhaps two roll-aboards in the case, but when it's lowered, plan on imparting soft-sided containers, and start them gym-sized.

The top will cause or lower at up to 25 mph, and through some folding wizardry it leaves fairly trunk seat for two airline carry-on cases, plus a knapsack or two. It's a shallow seat, but a usable one--and behind each of the front seats there's a deep, lidded-and-hinged storage bin.

Top down, you can dominance up an aura deflector that, with the side windows up simultaneously, is one of the best available in any convertible acquired, creating a zone that lets you be relatively soft-spoken at 70 mph. Power up the top, and the SL moves back into a tight, vault-like coupe; a passenger might have no idea that the question is moonlights as a convertible.

Mercedes' determines and textures tend toward the cool line-up of the styling collection, but the very high levels of fit and finish is also possible dressed in fine clothe with selects of ash or burled logs, and brightly colored surface. What's more discernible and feeling in this SL is the noise it makes.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class


There are onus of active-safety wizardry in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL, but no crash-test data.

"Vault-like" is a descriptor that you'll hear frequently, of Mercedes-Benz SL representations encompassing decades. And compared to most convertibles on the market, it's an apt path of indicates how the SL seems going down the road: unusually secure and shudder-free.

That goes beyond saw security. Mercedes-Benz has a long history of over-engineering its automobiles for security, and these representations have a great real-world record for occupant safety--even if the SL hasn't been disintegrated by either of the two big national experimenting agencies--and likely won't be because of how relatively rare it is.

That's why we pause on causing it a security score
All SL convertibles return guideline with figurehead airbags, place airbags that extend to protect the premier and thorax, knee airbags, and pop-up roll bars that activate in a rollover accident.

Anti-lock brakes, stability and traction switch also are standard, as are active headrests, wet-arm wiper blades, active headlamps, LED daytime loping flames, and Attention Assist, which monitors the driver for drowsiness and ignites up a coffee-cup icon on the smash when it's time for a caffeine break.

On the active-safety front, Collision Prevention Assist Plus is now a standard feature, with active damper encourage. An accessible Driver Assistance package slews on more, including adaptive sail switch with steering encourage, an Active Brake Assist system with cross-traffic functionality, blind-spot observers, active corridor switch, and Pre-Safe Brake, which will brake at up to 40 percent superpower, while resounding an notify, if freight is stopped ahead. With the latter feature, the moment the driver strokes the damper pedal 100 percent of restraint power is delivered.

Mercedes sheaves a few of the most recent safe technologies together in a Driver Assistance Package. Adaptive cruise control integrates with the restraint arrangement to spot when a conflict is imminent, and to exploit brakes to limit shattering or to frustrate the accident only. We have mixed sentimentalities about the practicality of these sorts of sail switch and the lane-keeping encourage that comes with it. Nonetheless, we find the blind-spot observers that complete the trio lend a value measure of safety, with the ability to help control the car back into thread applying sent braking.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class


Massaging tushes and Bang& Olufsen sound modernizes are just the start; you have lots of choices.
We rate the Mercedes-Benz SL a perfect 10 in aspects. It's lavishly outfitted with standard material, offers scads of options in hardware as well as complexion and trim hand-pickeds, and has some murderer aspects like neck-warming aura volcanoes and its folding ceiling.
Between the 2017 SL450 and SL550 poses, there isn't much of specific features divergence. All SL poses come with Mercedes' COMAND infotainment system.
The screen for 2017 comes slightly larger, and the boundary has been upgraded to match other recent Mercedes-Benz concoctions. There's Apple CarPlay smartphone integration as part of a bundle, and the organizations of the system furnishes full sailing as an option.
Comfort- and safety-oriented alternatives are certainly the SL's strength, though; happenings like Airscarf neck volcanoes and remarkable Harman Kardon or Bang& Olufsen audio making such cabin a great pleasure to spend hours and daylights in--as does the folding hardtop with available Magic Sky Control, which changes the roof's glass board nighttime like a duo of expensive sunglasses.
Standard aspects on the SL include LED lamps, selectable driving states, parking expedite, keyless ignition, an AMG lower body-styling gear, and Harman Kardon Logic 7 surround sound.
As for the Bang& Olufsen audio upgrade, we're not persuaded it's worth the refurbish, with its reduce bass reaction and FrontBass speaker packaging.
Mercedes offers its power-folding hardtop with a glass ceiling board or with Magic Sky Control( was that a Summer of Love warm-up ordinance ?) but is actually photochromic govern that dials in more or less colour. It's the world's most ravishing laid of Foster-Grants, and a perfect accord for high standards strength wind deflector and optional Airscarf neck volcanoes and heated and cooled seats.
A trio of boasts are just nerdy enough to be refrigerate. To keep the windshield, the SL offers a wiper arrangement dubbed Magic Vision Control. The fascination with "magic" aside, the wiper expends special blades with canals that scatter liquid ahead on the glass in the direction of their travel to keep the glass clear outside of the cleansing move. The system's laid down by so that the fluid's warmed before it's dispensed, and aero-tuned so it doesn't tent-fly over the windshield onto perfectly styled whisker. There's also a photosensor in the bumper that triggers the small stem to open with a tide of a foot below--and shuts it with a same action, too. And third, the SL gives active ballpark abet that steers the car into a tight spot while "youre working" the brakes.
On the SL63 AMG, the upgrade to choose is the Performance Package. You get colors ruby-red restraint calipers, a Torque Vectoring Brake system that stimulates you more surefooted in tight corners under supremacy, plus a hump in turbo elevate from 14.2 psi up to 18.5 psi--increasing supremacy to 557 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. That increases the top speed to 186 mph.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Class
Fuel Economy
The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL has powertrains that are a step more efficient than before--but the V-12 remains very thirsty.
With a new 9-speed automatic, plus a twin-turbo V-6 joining the 2017 SL lineup—Mercedes-Benz claims it's more efficient—this hardtop convertible's mileage improves across the lineup, according to the EPA. 
We give it a green score of 6 for its overall gas mileage. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

The 2017 SL450 is rated by the EPA at 20 mpg city, 28 highway, 23 combined. Mileage has improved only slightly with the new 9-speed automatic. The SL500 posts a 1-mpg gain on all tests, rising to 17/25/20 mpg.

Step up to the more powerful SL63 AMG model, and it comes as no obvious mileage penalty. The 2017 ratings aren't yet in, but last year's model earned 16/25/19 mpg. If you're looking at the SL 65 AMG, however, you'll only earn 14/21/17 mpg, which is poor, but not terrible considering its immense power.

All SL models are outfitted with stop-start technology, which shuts off the engine at longer pauses like stoplights, and automatically restarts it when the accelerator is pressed. Some drivers may find it annoying, but it helps save fuel.

The feature can be disabled, but it must be switched off each time the car is started by the driver. However, in top AMG models, you might not even want to; we noticed in an early drive of 2017 models that this feature is less obtrusive in the AMG variants than in SL450 and SL550 models.
The SL also has an Eco driving mode, that grabs the next gear as soon as possible and remaps fuel delivery.

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