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2017 Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck concept,Price in US

 2017 Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck concept,Price in US
 2017 Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck concept,Price in US

Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche repetition this week that the midsize Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck is unlikely to be sold in the United States.

" In the US aligning the premium to the midsize is kind of a opposition because a premium truck is a fullsize truck ," he said in response to an Autoblog question at the Detroit Auto Show." Therefore ... we do not examine the US market as a relevant grocery or a suitable grocery for that truck ." 

The US luxury truck segment is dominated by Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram, with loaded-up and blinged-out simulations dominating high-pitched busines costs while still offering strong levels of towing and drag capability.

Still, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon reinvigorated the midsize truck grocery, and brand-new versions of the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma have become it more competitive and offered buyers broader options, though none are absolutely considered luxury vehicles.

" If there used to be opportunity for this produce in the US, of course we would go for it ," told Zetsche, who formerly produced both DaimlerChrysler and its Chrysler division." Our investigate in so far tells us it's not there ." 

Mercedes divulged the Concept X-Class in October, previewing the example that will be sold in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and South Africa beginning this year. The busines is selling the truck two ways: as an metropolitan life or clas vehicle, and too as a truck for contractors, farmers, and off-roaders. Two different-themed forms were shown at the X-Class' entry in Sweden. The company has confirmed the truck will have a ladder-type chassis, diesel engine, and 4Matic all-wheel drive, with more details to come.

Daimler, parent of Mercedes, is leaning on its relationship with Renault-Nissan to raise the truck, which is expected to share underpinnings with the Nissan Navara( another global midsize truck ). The X-Class will be assembled in a Nissan factory in Spain and a Renault factory in Argentina.

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Source      : Autoblog.com
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