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2017 Audi S5 Cabriolet Coupe,Convertible and Review

2017 Audi S5 Cabriolet Coupe,Convertible and Review
2017 Audi S5 Cabriolet Coupe,Convertible and Review

2017 Audi S5 Cabriolet Coupe,Convertible and Review - The Audi S5 cabriolet has been around for a while--seven years, to be precise. And the coupe on which it's based has been around for about nine years, a veritable date in vehicle period. And yet --< em style =" margin: 0px; pillow: 0px; frontier: 0px; summary: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; background: translucent; text-size-adjust: 100%; box-sizing: border-box ;"> exhale -- it's still so really pretty. Walter de Silva's droptop masterpiece still turns pates with the top down, of course, but with its new-for -2016 red convertible ceiling alternative, cervixes crane with the top up, too.
But as an S5 and not a merely A5, this car is about more than just looking good. The S5' s $14,200 premium over the A5 buys batch of go-faster hardware. It starts in the engine inlet with a 3.0 -liter supercharged V-6 displaying 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. The blown six is copulated to an ultra-quick, seven-speed dual-clutch automated( the six-speed manual that can be had in the S5 coupe is not available here ), and Quattro all-wheel drive is standard. Our experiment car was too equipped with the extra-cost adaptive damps ($ 1000) and torque-vectoring rear differential ($ 1100 ).
With the high-revving, 450 -hp RS5 no longer offered for 2016, this automobile is as quick as it gets for open-air Audis this year. It is about to change that's very quick surely. The S5 cabrio's zero-to -60 -mph occasion of four. 9 seconds is 0.4 second behind the last S5 coupe we tested. No stun there; the S5 coupe gets by without the cabrio's nearly 400 pounds of folding-top hardware and additional structural bracing. At the same occasion, "its just" six-tenths behind the most recent RS5 ragtop to pass through our hands, despite its immense 117 -horsepower drawback. Credit the supercharged S5' s superior torque( 325 lb-ft versus the RS5' s naturally aspirated V-8' s 317) and the fact that in the S5, unlike the RS5, you don't need to rev the engine to the stratosphere to find grunt.

   Enchanted in the Forest

A top-down morning bang along the seductive two-lane superhighways winding through Southern California's Angeles National Forest and Antelope Valley facilitated make this car's $74,250 as-tested cost seem cheap. The 0.89 g of lateral grasp is quite good for a convertible, if quite short of the 0.96 g achieved by the RS5 cabriolet, the latter benefiting from 275 -millimeter-wide tires in comparison with the S5' s 255 s. That spoke, the S5 represents Audi's sweet spot for chassis communication, with sharp-witted, perfectly weighted steering that is chattier than in either the A5 or the RS5 droptops, particularly in Dynamic mode, when the movable dampers are at their stiffest. Thus lay out, the S5 weaves together banked S-curves without break-dance a sweat, the torque-vectoring rear differential serving as the proverbial Hand of God cupping the car's rear and scooting this convertible from apex to apex.

We would not have attempted such high-speed shenanigans if we had less confidence in the restraints, but the S5' s stoppers demonstrated eminently capable of frequently slowing the 4341 -pound droptop to sane hastens with no evidence of fade-out. The car's impressive 158 -foot stopping distance from 70 mph is only three hoofs behind that of the RS5 cabriolet and bests the last S5 coupe we tested by nine feet.

  Sufficiently Special

However sporting and well balanced this convertible may be, at this toll, it needs to be equally upscale. When you're asking this kind of coin for a automobile so long in the tooth, it had better seem special. And the S5 cabriolet does. Our test car's Daytona Gray pearl-effect decorate glowed alluringly in the sun, and the ruby-red softtop was a cheerful surprise to everyone who ensure it in place. The ceiling also is thickly padded, furnishing coupelike quietness at acceleration, and there are embedded LED reading light-coloreds in the rear seating area. Other boons are rear posteriors that they are able fit humans and their legs, a one-touch button that descent or promotes all four spaces simultaneously, a speedy power-top lowering acceleration of 14 seconds( 17 seconds to raise ), and a folding jazz blocker that builds even triple-digit cruising a calm affair.
This car passed dressed up with Audi's nifty aluminum-inlaid pitch-black lumber veneer trim ($ 1100) and a $1400 Comfort package that drew neck-level heating and ventilated posteriors. Likewise part of the Comfort package, however, was some decidedly non-supple perforated leather that might be better used to sand furniture than upholster posteriors. We have grown accustomed to Audi's MMI interface and fairly like it, although it's even better with the touchpad input found in other Audis. We likewise look forward to Audi's slick" virtual cockpit" technology, which will make its route into the next-generation mannequin.
In most respects, though, the 2016 S5 cabriolet is as speedy and alluring a character as ever, and it surely doesn't seem as old-fashioned as it is. Once we've gotten some rotation time in the next-generation A5 and S5, which are expected to arrive next spring as 2018 modelings, we might change our chant. But until then, we can happily live with this.

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