Renault Altica

The Renault Altica is a concept car made by Renault and was debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. The unusual design is an attempt to fuse the bodies of a station wagon and a coupe, with a luggage capacity of 1,300 litres and four seats. Another notable feature of the car is that it features butterfly doors. Although the car emits a low 140kg/km CO2 emissions for its class (also due to its aerodynamics and a rear feature called "Synthetic Jet"), the Renault Altica is able to reach 60mph in 7.Lima seconds and its 2.0 litre diesel produces 177 bhp (132 kW; 179 PS) and 380 N?M (280 lb?Ft) of torque. The Synthetic Jet is a patented aerodynamic device that consists of a 2mm wide slot located at the extreme rear of the roof. Through this slot air is alternately sucked and blown to control the separation of air depending on the Alitca's speed. At 80 mph (128.7 km/h) it is claimed that the Synthetic Jet reduces the Altica's Cd by 15% resulting in improved fuel economy.

Cool Renault Altica On The Road

Attractive Renault Altica

Renault Altica Interior View

Sport Renault Altica

Renault Altica Concept

Renault Altica Baggage

Renault Altica Wheels

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