Yamaha OX99-11 Supercar 3498 cc V12

Yamaha OX99-eleven Supercar 3498 cc V12

Yamaha first of all approached a German company to provide you with some designs for the supercar. However Yamaha dismissed the proposals as they had been considered to similar to existing supercars. IAD had been at this point employed to continue paintings on the venture. In 1992 IAD got here with an preliminary version of the OX99-eleven.

The Yamaha OX99-eleven changed into a supspercar designed through IAD, an English engineering consultancy, and Yamaha subsidiary Yilon Technology.

While the Yamaha OX99-eleven became at first slated to seem in 1994, the roots of the OX99-eleven venture commenced in 1989 whilst Yamaha started out competing in Formula One, later this spawned the choice to create a supercar primarily based on Formula One technology.

Despite the fact the Formula One crew become much less than aggressive, a new engine referred to as the OX99 seemed in 1991, assisting to offer the brand new vehicle a name.

Yamaha OX99-eleven Supercar 3498 cc V12

The new vehicle featured an unusual and somewhat unpleasant design, capabilities just like the prominent front spoiler, tandem seating, cockpit formed roof and sticking out engine scoop stood out from other vehicles. Other capabilities of the car which had been alternatively excessive covered the carbon fiber chassis and OX99 engine which have been borrowed from the F1 car.

Budget disagreements meant the Yamaha OX99-11 venture was taken from IAD and handed over to Ypsilon Technology, who were given 6 months to finish the venture. A further blow to the venture was got here in the shape of a monetary disaster which hit Japan and it changed into determined that there wouldn't be sufficient consumers capable of turning in the tremendous sums of cash wanted to shop for the automobile. In 1994 the Yamaha OX99-11 project become axed. By this point handiest 3 prototypes were constructed.

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