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Chrysler Firepower V8 engine The extreme rear of the sport concept car

Chrysler Firepower V8 engine The intense rear of the sport concept automobile

The Chrysler Firepower is an attractive and effective concept, attaining 60 miles an hour in much less than four.Five seconds and continuing directly to 175mph.

The Chrysler Firepower is based totally on a Dodge Viper chassis, and it is no longer not possible to look a resemblance. Muscular rear arches, extensive low and flat bonnet and a cockpit driven to the acute rear of the car.

The rear view, specifically the rear lights and boot lid, have a awesome Aston Martin vibe. This similarity isn't by way of twist of fate, both cars are meant as luxurious tourers designed to compete inside the same marketplace. Although the Firepower would probable be termed 'the bad mans Aston Martin.

Chrysler Firepower V8 indoors

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