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The new Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS

The new Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS

As if the Gullwing not even dream car enough, Mercedes unveiled in September at the IAA 2011, the SLS AMG Roadster: for the purist who can afford it and want to get 571 horses even put quite belonging to the air.

Neuer Mercedes SLS AMG

Neuer Mercedes SLS AMG Neuer Mercedes SLS AMG Neuer Mercedes SLS AMG Neuer Mercedes SLS AMG

Also on board everything that makes good driving skills. The weight (1.7 tons), reducing aluminum space frame, the deep and highly distributive trampling famous 6.Tiga-liter V8 front-mid engine (571 hp, 650 Nm) and the fixed seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The modified sports suspension with aluminum double-wishbone suspension is responsible for ensuring that the Roadster in the wind is blowing hard in the corners.

There is also news on the substructure of the sill area, was the instrument panel and rear body rigidity. As an option now, a sport suspension with electronically controlled damping stands for election. It makes a change in the damping characteristic touch of a button. Using the "drive unit" is determined, the chassis setup. Three stages are ready. "Comfort", "Sport" and "sport plusdanquot; for those who love bold cross. Document can be such a sporting activity with another merk new feature. The "AMG Performance Media" system recorded telemetry displays such as transverse and longitudinal acceleration, engine data and several lap times.

Not only the pure performance (317 km / h, 3.8 of 0 to 100 km / h) set at maximum speed, but also the mobile Internet. Protagonist is and remains the compact, three-layer fabric roof. It opens and closes in just eleven seconds and can operate at speeds of up to a speed of 50 km / hr. The detachable glass wind deflector comes as standard trim, the neck warmer "Airscarf" costs extra. For open-air security, the fixed roll-over protection system behind the seats provide and eight airbags. The luggage compartment lid is not detrimental to the material (volume: 173 instead of 176 liters in the coupe). The dream is open as of now. The surcharge for SLS Gullwing is around 8000 ?. The SLS AMG Roadster devours before the 13.2 litres/100 km (average consumption) breezy 195 160 ?. The launch takes place in autumn

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