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2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Koenigsegg is presenting the brand new Koenigsegg Agera R - Quicker than lightning! The name Agera set the tone for the new project. Agera means "to take action" in Swedish. It is also short for the ancient Greek word Ageratos which means "ageless". These two are very suitable meanings, for the car building the future of Koenigsegg.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

The 2012 Koenigsegg Agera is designed with the minimalistic "less is more" philosophy in mind. This philosophy means that the shape of the car has to be purely functional with no added features except those purely needed to meet regulation, added safety, ergonomics, practicality and aerodynamics. Koenigsegg believes that if this philosophy is followed, the car will also be beautiful as it is purely purposeful.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

All in all the production version of the Koenigsegg Agera is created to take the Koenigsegg experience to the next level both on the road and the track, still maintaining the largest luggage space in the industry in combination with the unique Koenigsegg door system and detachable/stow-able hardtop. There are several differences between the pre-production car previously shown and the production versions. For example, the engine and gearbox configurations are different and some revolutionary interior, chassis and aerodynamic features adorn the production version of the Agera that has never been shown before.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

The new car design 2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R super speed racer car displayed in Geneva Motor Show 2011 is a very special customer, set to be delivered to its owner’s new Norwegian straight after the show closes. It is equipped with a special section with a Thule roof integrated carbon fiber ski-box containing two pairs of skis Koenigsegg.

At the 2011 Geneva Motor show, Koenigsegg presents the Koenigsegg winter package – the first lifestyle packages offered from Koenigsegg. The main element of this package is the exceptional Lightning Roof Box System. The Lightning Roof Box is developed together with the Swedish rack and roof box manufacturer Thule. The high performance lightweight box is made completely from carbon fibre and has been through several iterations of CFD simulation to ensure it is safe up to 300 km/h, making it the fastest roof box in the world.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

The supercar 2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R is built with a monocoque carbon to provide maximum rigidity and light weight; It is so structurally sound that does not require an annex roof, allowing the roof as a removable Panel which can be stored away. Koenigsegg hasn’t published performance numbers for R Agera yet, but from tires rated at 260 km/h and horse-like body structure and range as the poison Hennessey, its 0-60 mph time to be approximately 2.5 seconds and a top speed around 250 km/h on a double clutch 7.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R is powered by 5.0L twin-turbo V8 making a neck snapping 1,115-hp and a maximum torque of 885 lb-ft on E85 fuel. Koenigsegg has its own engine lab, with simulation programs, rapid prototyping machines, engine and chassis dynamometers, and a 1.7 km test track adjacent the factory enabling Koenigsegg to take the cars to 0-320-0 km/h at any time. Furthermore, a 25 minute drive away from the Koenigsegg Factory there is Knutstorp Racetrack, which is described by many as a miniature Nordschleife.

The engine 2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R are mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch gear case and we’re pretty aye that cuts the 0 to 62 miles per hour time belt down to something that’s very impressive. Here Koenigsegg can put the engine and car through serious testing and make sure they work in perfect harmony. This gives Koenigsegg unique possibilities to develop technologies normally exclusive to much larger companies.

2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R

These are extraordinary numbers considering the size and reliability of the engine without forsaking drivability or flexibility. This is truly downsizing, without drawbacks. These characteristics make it one of the most flexible and easy to use hypercar engines in the world.

The 2012 Koenigsegg Sports Cars Agera R is proportionate, compact and muscular. Its timeless, efficient and distinctive shape is truly a testament to time. The original shape and concept of the Koenigsegg CC, created 15 years ago, is still valid, fresh and highly competitive today. The Agera manage to stay true to the original philosophy, shape and size of the original CC. At the same time, it looks, feels and performs like something belonging to the future.

The price of the optional 'R' package, on top of a normal $1,400,000 Agera, is $211,000 at current exchange rates, but that looks like something of a bargain compared to the $270,000 Koenigsegg charges for creating a bare carbon car.

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