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2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by Touring

Gumpert Tornante by Touring has made a world public debut in 2011 Geneva Motor Show. TOÚRING SÚPERLEGGERA provided the design and body engineering while Gumpert will take care of manufacturing and sales of the next model, complementing the Gumpert range as of 2012. The 2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring, which aims to follow on the ‘rubberprints’ left behind by the Gumpert Apollo, has been built by the German supercar manufacturer Gumpert, together with Italian coachbuilders Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera.

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

The vehicle on display features a 690 hp biturbo V8 engine that is projected to propel the car well over the 300 km/h (186 mph) mark. What is really interesting, is that the unit is expected to be further refined in order to power a Fast Touring model. Also, Gumpert has mentioned the possibility of developing an alternative-powered Tornante sometime next year.

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

The Gumpert Tornante by Touring powered by V8 cylinder biturbo engine with 90° cylinder angle, closed-deck light metal crankcase, light metal cylinder heads with five valves per cylinder, four overhead camshafts, variable time of ignition (Vario Cam direct) on the intake, hydraulic valve clearance compensation, dry sump lubrication, double-flow exhaust system with 3-way catalytic converter, four Lambda probes for gas mixture and diagnostics, on-board diagnostic system, two Intercoolers, electronic ignition with a rested ignition distribution (eight ignition coils), sequential multipoint fuel injection, electronic accelerator system (drive-by-wire)

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

The 2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by Touring's V8 is expected to be tuned even further for a Fast Touring model. The lightweight engine comes in at a scant 196 kg (432 lbs), and is mated to a six-speed TT40e semi-automatic gear box that may be controlled with paddle shifters.  The two-seater will ride on aluminum or forged 19-inch wheels up front, and 20-inch wheels in back, all center locking, and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by Touring by Touring features 2-seater sports car with a mid-engine arrangement, chrome-molybdenum steel chassis with an integrated safety cell, doors and the boot lid open with gull-wings, carbon body, 100 l stainless steel tank behind the passenger cell with integrated catch tank, long and pushrod-operated double transverse control arm suspension with fully adjustable dampers (front and rear) and anti roll bar in front, ground clearance adjustable between 60 and 140 mm, two circuit ABS brake system with six piston callipers, inside ventilated discs (378 x 32 mm) at front and rear.

The TOÚRING accent of the Gumpert Tornante originates from specific proportions and the balance of muscular elegance and introvert power, rather than formal language. The bodywork preserves its movement even when the 2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by Touring stands still, and when on the move, it expresses unique, elegant fluidness. The prominent grille within the balanced front wings characterizes the Gumpert Tornante's front area. The air intakes are pronounced, reflecting the care given to the air intake surface and the overall airflow.

Made of top-quality and highly stable chrome-molybdenum-steel with an integrated safety cell, the round tube frame is the base and symbolic backbone of the 2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by Touring. Providing additional space and comfort for its passengers compared to the apollo, the Tornante will be as safe as its racetrack-dedicated brother is. The Tornante succeeds in combining low weight and rigidity with finest driving dynamics and comfortable Fast Touring.

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

“The new model should not only offer ample performance and superb dynamic properties and aerodynamics, but also adequate levels of comfort, interior space and ergonomics. The spirit of a true dream car, but with sufficient practical features to become a safe and useable sports car in today's traffic,” Gumpert emphasizes.

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

2011 Gumpert Sport Cars Tornante by using Touring

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