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2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

The Super Sport Cars "Extreme" is back! The American creation. The 2000 hp, 300 mph Dagger GT's design objectives are to be the best-looking, fastest Supercar in the world. This  Super Sport Cars is being specially designed, very deliberately and explicitly, to break all world records and to bring back the most popular class of race car: the unlimited class which has been regulated, restricted and compromised into extinction.

 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

”Dagger” meaning in English, dagger, it is clear that the Americans from TranStart Racing have high ambitions. The supercars world is enriched with an American creation: TranStar Racing Dagger GT. Dagger GT concept car is based on the middle of this incredible machine, Cheetah Corvette, made by a brilliant industrial designer, Ivan Luccion. Our lead designer consultation is Phil Frank, the designer of the world record for the Saleen S7 super recently won the 24 hours of LeMans.

 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

While the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Cars has just entered the Guinness Book of Records with an average top speed of 267 mph, a new 2000hp 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing supercar is about to become the fastest supercar in the world. Tom Nelson, from Nelson Racing Engines is an integral part of the “dream team” his company is the top “big horsepower” engine builder in the U.S., 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing has selected Tom’s multi-fuel (petrol/methanol/hydrogen/ethanol), aluminum 572 Twin Turbo as their preferred engine for its combination of streetability and extreme horsepower – 2000 hp on racing fuel.

 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

Expected overall performance figures are similarly amazing: zero-60 mph in 1.Five seconds, sector mile in much less than 6.7 seconds and a pinnacle pace of over 483 km/h (300mph). The outer frame is made from carbon fibre, at the same time as a high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel chassis bureaucracy the internal structure.

From a technical standpoint, the car have under the hood of a General Motors V8 engine in the “big thing” style: 9.4-liters and attention, 2000 HP! There is no mistake, the Americans announced a power worthy of Gargantua. In addition, the engine will be capable of a peak torque of no less than 2000 lb-ft of torque! Again, is not a typing mistake.

Dagger GT?S can be made to be had in three one-of-a-kind ?Race? Fashions:

2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

    * Dagger GT-R may be their street racing version, with a dynamic, computer-managed break up rear wing.

    * Dagger GT-LS will be their land-pace model with 500 mph ? Rated M/T land-speed tires.

    * Dagger GT-D might be their drag racing model with Goodyear Pro Stock Slicks.

All race models might be convertible to avenue-legal if preferred with the aid of proprietors. 2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing will also retain to provide Sport and Luxury avenue-felony models:

    * Dagger GT-S will be their ?Sport? Model, a road-criminal version of the GT-R model.

    * Dagger GT-X might be their luxury model with all of the interior, outside and experience-pleasant luxuries possible and exact by way of the owner.

Each model may be hand-made and custom-crafted to the owner?S specs. Custom interiors and paint may be supplied with the aid of award-triumphing After FX Customs. Only 5 might be made in 2011 and of them have already been booked. Sales will begin throughout the first half of of 2011 and 10 gadgets will be brought in 2012. Each car is priced at no less than US$450,000.

2011 Dagger GT Super Sport Cars TranStar Racing

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