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2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

German specialty marque Artega has debuted an electric variant of its mid-engined GT model called the Artega SE (Sport Electric). This Electric Sports Car Concept was made by a German automaker. At the 81st Geneva Motor Show from 1-13 March 2011, Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG will introduce an electric version of its mid-engine sports car. “Our aim is to combine environmental responsibility with the passion for aut omobiles,” said Artega chief executive Peter Muller.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

With this forward-looking project, the company headquartered in Delbruck once again demonstrates the benefits and strengths of its manufacturing plant. Technical expertise and quick decision-making processes have enabled the company to implement a completely new drive concept in a very short period of time. Artega has also cooperated with the Fraunhofer Institute, one of the most competent development partners in the automotive sector. The research organization bought two Artega vehicles more than a year ago to test their feasibility as electrically powered cars.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

This sports car is the first car made Artega developed using electrical technology. This electric car was built based Artega GT and has a body that is identical. But 2011 Artega Sport Electric Concept has a weight of 100 kg lighter than the Artega GT, which is 1400 kg.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept is powered by two electric motors mounted on the rear axle, operate independently as each drives one of the rear axles, with a total output of 280 kW (380 horsepower) give the car its powerful thrust. The two engines operate independently, with each driving one of the rear wheels. Furthermore, the 2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept comprises 16 tried-and-tested battery modules with lithium ion polymer cells with each of these modules containing 12 battery cells which operate for the most part autonomously.

Artega claim this concept electric sports car capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds or 0.5 seconds faster than the Artega GT Sport gasoline. Unlike electric cars in general, Artega Sport Electric Concept has a top speed of more than 250 km / hour. The entire drive train weight just 150 kilograms. The degree of efficiency is extremely high, namely more than 90%. 2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept is also claimed to cover the distance of 200 km with a full battery condition and with normal driving. While charging the battery only takes 90 minutes through home electrical socket.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

Following Mr. Muller’s presentation, Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart will elucidate the technical features of the 2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept. The initials stand for “Sport Electric.” The initiator of the E-mobility project is convinced of the advantages of electrically powered sports cars. “Sports car drivers usually have a very dynamic driving style, with frequent acceleration and braking, which is very energy inefficient. But electric cars recuperate the energy lost through braking and return it to the battery. In addition, unlike combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles convert the full extent of the engine torque immediately, which makes driving them a completely new, very dynamic experience.”

“Our goal is to combine environmental responsibility with a passion for cars,” said Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. CEO Peter Müller in company press releases. Artega is weighing the possibility of taking SE for production as the company has a total production capacity of 500 units per year at facilities in Delbrück, Germany.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

Artega is able to offer the exclusive SE at the attractive price of 150,000 euros. This price lies between that of existing first-generation sports cars and the anticipated price of mass-produced electric sports cars that have been announced by the major manufacturers. The Artega will always remain an exclusive product. The factory in Delbruck will manufacture no more than 500 sports cars per year.

2011 Artega Sports Cars SE Electric Concept

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