Refreshing or Revolting: 2018 Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry

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You know which vehicle won our recent Accord vs. Camry comparison test, but now it’s time to take a look at the design differences between the two midsizers. Fresh off redesigns for the 2018 model year, both vehicles now feature bolder sheetmetal, making it clear they are jockeying for sedan buyers’ attention. So which one wins the styling crown?

When it comes to the front end design, the Accord features a structured look dominated by horizontal lines. The grille is flat and consists of rectangular shapes, while the Toyota features a more layered look. Some trim levels of the Camry have silver grille slats that wrap across from one end of the front fascia to the other, while others have a grille dominated by trapezoid and rhombus shapes. Meanwhile, the Honda features fog lights slotted below the headlights, unlike the Toyota. Overall, we’d say the Toyota looks a bit more three dimensional, which perhaps makes it more visually interesting up front. And we might dock a few points from the Honda because of its silver bar that cuts into the top of the headlights, creating a furrowed eyebrow look.

The Accord shares the same overall length as the Camry, except SE and XSE Camrys are longer by just a hair. While you won’t notice any differences in length, the two cars appear quite distinct in shape when examining them from their side profiles. The Toyota appears to have a rounded snout while the Accord’s nose comes down sharply into an almost 90-degree angle. Compared to the Camry, the Accord features more structured character lines that run across the side. One consistent line on top of the doors runs from the hood to the rear, compared to the Camry that has a more fluid line in the same area. Harsh lines run across the lower portion of the doors on the Accord, while the Camry features a softer indentation.

In the rear, the Accord dons the same C-shaped taillights as the Civic. However, the Camry has more typical taillights. Both cars feature small rear decklid spoilers and sculpted rear bumpers. The Toyota gets “Camry” badging between the taillights.

Just like a whole lot of the outdoors, the Camry functions greater fluid traces in its interior in comparison to the Accord. The Camry?S infotainment screen sits on a curved top center console that melds into the decrease location near the cupholders. The dashboard additionally functions swoopy, dramatic lines. Meanwhile, the Accord is another time dominated via boxier shapes. A rectangular infotainment display screen sits on pinnacle of the dashboard, at the same time as the Camry?S display is embedded in. Both feature eight-inch infotainment monitors and 7-inch virtual tool cluster presentations.

Which sedan wins the styling showdown?

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