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Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Vehicle Concept Car By Chu Hyung Kwon

The futuristic Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Vehicle concept from designer Chu Hyung Kwon came forth as the designer’s desire to have more high-tech Dakar Rally vehicles, which have technology at par with that of F1 racing. The basic theory behind this structural skin is that the core is the strongest part of the vehicle, while the outer extremities (the structural surface) displays relative flexibility. This is the basic concept behind the reduction of shock from external elements. A main feature of the concept appears to be elasticity; also, I’m totally in favor of elasticity, the more, the better. But that’s beside the point. The concept uses elasticity for safety and to some point, for stability.

Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Vehicle Concept Car By Chu Hyung Kwon

An elastic pill surrounds the motive force and works to reduce/ save you accidents in event of a collision. Elastic operating on the concept?S rear facilitates it to get again on its wheels if it is ever knocked off upside down. The wheels are a special association, each with some of sections. In case of a puncture or harm, simplest the stated segment wishes to be removed, in preference to having to cope with the entire wheel.

Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Vehicle Concept Car By Chu Hyung Kwon

Shock resistance. With cutting-edge advances which include the subsequent, even the maximum severe of influences will be dissipated: AeroGel, Carbon/Kevlar composite, and liquid metallic. At the side of the formentioned simple self-righting gadget and the capability to climb proper up the aspect of a pit make this Structural Skin vehicle pretty the bold foe.

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