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2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

French automaker Citroen has just unveiled the latest details of a new brand concept car, the GQbyCitroen, designed for the compact sports car segment. The latest concept was developed in partnership with the fashion experts GQ magazine and has been designed to provide “the ultimate gentleman’s drive”. The Citroën GQ Concept was born through a unique partnership between the UK's market-leading quality men's monthly and a team of Citroën designers, collaborating to create the ultimate gentleman's drive. This is the first time a British magazine has collaborated with a car company in this way.

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

Responding to a short via GQ's editor, Dylan Jones, Citro?N's team, headed through British fashion designer - and the man answerable for the new Citro?N DS3 - Mark Lloyd, took a new study the GT subject matter and incorporated it with an average Citro?N design technique bringing Citro?N GQ Concept from layout define to concept truth.

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

Citro?N GQ Concept combines classically state-of-the-art functions and modern styling with a sculpted front give up, rounded rear, robust body contours and glossy concave rear windscreen - a signature Citro?N layout.

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

The car's cabin is accessed by means of rear train doorways and exhibits a spacious, snug and futuristic cabin. Completing the automobile's bespoke styling, the indoors detailing and upholstery picks had been provided with the aid of Patrick Grant, the Creative Director of prestigious Savile Row tailors, E.Tautz, who commented: "Savile Row is all approximately balance and Tautz's simple military inspired indoors is the suitable counterpoint to the Gallic aptitude of the exterior."

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

Dylan Jones commented: "I desired something practical, some thing cool, and something idiosyncratic - i.E. Something unexpected that did not just seem like a idea car. The GQ vehicle had to have the 'need' element, however it also needed to look, feel and 'force' like the kind of vehicle no sane man ought to choose to ignore. We assume it appears very very special."

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

Dynamic performance and environmental duty were also key necessities for the task. The Citro?N GQ Concept is powered by means of a plug-in Hybrid with a 1,598cc, four-cylinder direct injection petrol engine providing a sporty 0-60mph time of just four.5seconds, an electronically restrained pinnacle pace of 155mph and CO2 emissions of just 80g/km.

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

"For me, the car that has always represented the top of automobile excellence and refinement is the GT - the Grand Tourer. It isn't always the all-out sports vehicle, as a substitute it is something gentlemanly, it has overall performance and it's miles for traveling, now not racing. We desired to create something that, like GQ, become aspirational, but also retained the classic car ideals. We did not need a car for the mass marketplace. We desired a car for GQ.'"

2010 Citroen Sports Car Concept GQbyCitroen

The GQbyCitroen will make its global debut at a unique event in London this week.

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