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2010 BF-performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600 Sports Car

In the Swiss metropolis Zug, perfection has a different which means than in the Italian metropolis Sant?Agata Bolognese. While Lamborghini is satisfied with the Gallardo LP560-4, the Swiss have better needs ? At the least the engineers at BF-overall performance.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

For them, the Gallardo is too harmless and neither dynamic nor individual enough. Therefore, they flip both the Coup? And additionally the Spyder into the GT600 which has a stronger overall performance, greater self-self belief and appears more competitive.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

Swiss tuning organization BF-overall performance, based in the wonderfully named town of Zug, have developed a complete change package for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. And inside the system they've additionally renamed it the GT600.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

Not content with simply making a few pretty bits to stick onto the Gallardo LP560-4, the engineers at BF-performance additionally developed some of overall performance enhancements and modification alternatives for the drivetrain. Most huge is the choice for a RWD simplest configuration - much like at the Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni edition. In total the alternative modifications have additionally rendered a weight reduction of 43 kgs (ninety five lbs) which further improves performance.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

The new body panels, marked out by the fact they're finished in clearcoated carbon fiber, are all situated around the bottom of the car. The BF-perfomance GT600 gets a new front bumper - which is similar in style to the original car's, wider race-inspired sideskirts, and a rather obvious fixed rear spoiler. The rear wing, which provides a significant improvement in downforce over the rear axle, is actually quite fetching and it suits the lines of the car very well indeed.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

The wing doors render a significant amount of individuality, but are strictly limited to Lamborghini models with twelve-cylinder engines. Due to the refinement by BF-performance, also the GT600 with a V10 engine can be equipped with doors which are so typical for Lamborghini.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

And of direction the engineers additionally focused at the engine overall performance. BF-performance has showed the performance of the new car in an excellent race. On the Sachsenring round course, the GT600 even controlled to beat the more potent Lamborghini Murci?Lago LP640-four SV through an excellent lead of zero.6 seconds.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

The interior also follows this dynamic maxim. Apart from the sports bucket seats, BF-performance also offers five-point belts, a roll-over cage and a carbon-ceramic braking system with which the GT600 meets the highest racing standards. BF-performance visually adjusts the interior to the increased dynamics. The manufactory uses carbon on the steering wheel, door handles, ventilation grids and even at the switch casings. The customer can even opt for carbon in his favourite colour.

BF-performance offers the entire car with all components either as the sporty Coupé GT600 or also as the Roadster GT600 Spyder.

2010 BF-overall performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT600

The entire vehicle confirms the perfection and ardour for element implemented by using BF-overall performance. The Lamborghini specialist has already received experience with the predecessor model and now brings its art of engineering into perfection with the GT six hundred. Also Lamborghini?S layout improvement confirms the competencies of BF-overall performance, as the Swiss expert is constantly one step in advance of the Italian producer.

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