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Splinter Wooden Supercar the first supercar ever to be designed and engineered using wood

Splinter Wooden Supercar dual supercharged V8 engine

The Splinter is a completely unusual and progressive automobile. It's the primary supercar ever to be designed and engineered using wood as the primary production material. In the past a few automobiles have used wooden to various levels in their creation, but never to the quantity the Splinter does.

The Splinter is a graduate mission by means of college students at North Carolina State University. Wood has been used wherein viable, consisting of the chassis, body, and even a large percent of the suspension additives and wheels.

While shifting components like the suspension may seem not possible to style out of timber, the Splinter team found out that a leaf spring stocks many developments with longbows, flexible, durable and with modern spring prices. After research they decided to apply Osage orange timber, that is the strongest wood found in North America. The the front suspension consequently comprises of a laminated Osage orange wood leaf spring transversely set up and imparting suspension for both the front wheels.

Splinter Wooden Supercar dual supercharged V8 engine

The wheels of the Splinter are crafted from rotary reduce o.K.Veneers. Each veneer become rotated 36 ranges from the preceding layer to maximize grain path alignment with the spokes. A walnut sunburst changed into cut for the front while a cherry sunburst became used at the back.

The mid-engined format of the Splinter wooden supercar accommodates of a 4.6 litre, dual supercharged V8 mated to a 6 pace manual gearbox and Getrag constrained slip differential.

The Splinter isn't intended for mass production, nor is it designed to interrupt and performance or handling statistics. The layout is simply to reveal that with sensible and creative wondering a automobile can be created out of the most unlikely substances.

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