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8c Competizione Alfa Romeo Maserati V8 engine Sports Car

8c Competizione Alfa Romeo

Designed and evolved at the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the 8c Competizione prototype can pay homage to street racing Alfa's of the 30s and 40s which bore the 8c signature, even as 'Competizione' refers to the 6C 2500 Competizione, a vehicle driven through Fangio and Zanardi in the Mille Miglia race of 1950. (see 2006 BMW Mille Miglia concept)

8c Competizione Alfa Romeo

The Alfa 8c is a retro design powered by using a Maserati V8 engine

Alfa Romeo are widely known for generating flamboyant and beautifully styled motors, occasionally overlooking reliability. The 8c Competizione idea takes this philosophy to some other stage, and is one of the most lovely designs to come back from the Italian manufacturer.

The flowing graceful traces of the 8c Competizione are a trait shared with some other Alfa concept, the Nuvola. Both motors are inspired and formed by using Alfa Romeo fashions of the past, and their aesthetic design displays this retro impact.

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