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2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

The most enlightening spy photos of the production version of the 2011 Opel Ampera plopped in our inbox today. At first we thought it was just the concept model out testing, but a closer look at the completely undisguised Ampera with the German license plates revealed that this is the actual production model that's due to go on sale in Europe and the UK (as a Vauxhall) in late2011.

2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

Vauxhall Ampera will be unveiled along with Vauxhall Meriva compact MPV at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. Vauxhall Ampera, schedule for production late next year, is a five-door four-seater with same design DNA as Astra and the Car of the year-winning Insignia. Ampera uses extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) technology. E-REV uses electricity as its primary power source, supplemented by a small engine to generate electricity for its motors when electric power runs low. This helps the Ampera overcome the ‘range anxiety’ issues associated with pure electric cars.

2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

Unlike other conventional propulsion systems, E-REV makes use of electricity as its number one power source, supplemented by means of a small engine to generate power for its cars while electric power runs low. This facilitates the Ampera triumph over the ?Variety tension? Problems related to pure electric powered motors. Vauxhall will unveil now not one, however cars at this 12 months?S Geneva Motor Show on March 2, with international premieres of the all-new Meriva compact MPV and a futuristic concept vehicle, which is ready to enhance the organization?S credentials as a pacesetter in environmental motors.

2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

A quick recap of the details we already know, the Ampera will use the same plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric drivetrain as the Volt. It mates a powerful electric motor and a 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery pack to a 75HP 1.4-liter gasoline engine. But unlike conventional hybrids that use gasoline engines to power the wheels when the battery is depleted, the Ampera uses the petrol unit to generate electricity for the electric motor that always drives the (front) wheels. Owners will be able to charge the battery pack with a home outlet and drive for about 64km or 40 miles before the gasoline engine-generator kicks in to extend the Ampera's range to more than to more than 300 miles or 480 kilometers.

2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

Bolstering this message still in addition at the show can be the groundbreaking Ampera prolonged-variety electric automobile and Vauxhall?S maximum reasonably priced manufacturing automobile to this point, the trendy Corsa ecoFLEX.

2011 Opel Vauxhall Ampera Plug-in Hybrid

?Vauxhall is covering all bases at Geneva,? Said Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall?S Managing Director. ?With the Meriva, we've a unique and innovative tackle own family motoring, however the concept vehicle and Ampera show that we are genuinely at the forefront of environmental generation. These cars additionally display that their versatility and efficiency doesn?T come on the expense of stunning layout.?

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