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2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

The Named after its Italian designer Fabio Ferrante and his girlfriend (whose name begins with V, apparently), the curvaceous Design V is a concept you can genuinely envision seeing out and about on the roads of Italy. However, its design is largely based on American muscle cars produced during the '60s – mainly the 1967 Chevrolet Impala that has a starring role in cult TV show, Supernatural.

2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

The V Concept is a study of a modern four-seater sportscar that pays homage to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala, reinterpreting in a modern way the proportions and a number of styling cues of the 1960s American Muscle Cars. Though the Ferrante Design V sounds more like a posh new perfume (“For him, for her – think Ferrante”), in fact it’s the name of a luxury 2+2 sports coupĂ© concept vehicle.

2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

A key similarity to the Impala can be visible within the Design V?S elongated and low bonnet, even though Ferrante has introduced his personal individual contact ? Glaring in the ones swollen wheel arches which might be almost not possible to overlook.

2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

Sadly, the designer has no plans to position the idea into manufacturing ? But he says that if it have been to turn out to be a reality it would be powered by way of a hybrid powertrain, adding to the enchantment of this already perfect automobile.

2010 V Concept Ferrante Sports Car Design

Let's hope Chevrolet comes throughout it, because we think it would sit down nicely along the American marque's cutting-edge line-up of automobiles.

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