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2010 Hyundai i-Flow Concept Diesel-Electric Hybrid Powertrain

The Geneva Motor Show is quite generous in reveals this year, considering the trend of the automotive industry. Hyundai has just presented its new i-Flow Concept on the catwalk, continuing the company’s statement of developing a the “fluidic design”. As Hyundai continues to branch out into new segments, its European operation, which until recently has focused primarily on small cars, is debuting the Hyundai i-flow concept in Geneva. It's a vision of a coming Hyundai that's expected to do battle in Europe's larger D-segment.

2010 Hyundai i-Flow Concept Diesel-Electric Hybrid Powertrain

The i-waft is the modern idea to put on Hyundai's "fluidic sculpture" design language, and the large D-phase sedan wears it properly. Hailing from Hyundai's European Design Headquarters in Russelsheim, Germany, the i-flow contains light-weight substances and sun cells from dealer BASF supposed to lessen weight and growth power performance.

2010 Hyundai i-Flow Concept Diesel-Electric Hybrid Powertrain

The i-float is equipped with Hyundai's first-ever diesel hybrid drivetrain, wherein a 1.7-liter diesel engine with dual-stage turbocharging is mated to Hyundai's Blue Drive hybrid device and a brand new six-velocity dual-clutch gearbox. As we apprehend it, the i-glide is a parallel hybrid, permitting it to be powered by using its lithium-polymer battery % and electric powered automobiles, the diesel engine or a aggregate of each. Combined with a slippery zero.25 coefficient of drag, the i-glide will reportedly go back seventy eight.Four mpg and emit zero.30 grams of CO2 consistent with mile.

2010 Hyundai i-Flow Concept Diesel-Electric Hybrid Powertrain

The new lines give an elegant avant-garde look, helping in the same time in reducing the CO2 emissions to 85g/km and improving its aerodynamics. In collaboration with chemical company BASF, Hyundai produced its first eco-friendly diesel hybrid powertrain, using high-technologies and next-generation materials. The new i-Flow combines perfectly the concept of a little-big car, as it shows a sporty looks but also provides quite enough space due to the use of a minimalistic design for the seats and center console.

2010 Hyundai i-Flow Concept Diesel-Electric Hybrid Powertrain

The high-tech engine presents the new 1.7-litre engine fitted with 2-stage turbocharging connected to a Lithium Ion-Polymer battery for a more efficient consumption, especially when driven i-flow’s six-speed, dual-clutch transmission. The i-Flow technology is a test bed for new energy harvesting ideas, ranging from flexible solar panel roofing to a thermo-electric generator which uses exhaust heat to produce power. More news of Hyundai’s star cars will be published in advance of the show and will be available on the stand.  The company’s press conference will take place in Hall 1 at 14:15 (CET) on Tuesday 2nd March  (2010).

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