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MST Meshies

Let's test the MST selectable offset mesh wheel.

I will name this MST wheel "Selectable" as opposed to Adjustable.The motive being, as soon as your choice is made, There can not be any further adjustment.

You pick out via lining up the tabs at the spoke segment with the slots on the rim section. That is numbered 3,five,7,9

These should then be glued into region. So choose very very cautiously. And line them up carefully too.

The back of the wheel hex is also quite shallow so there is really only room for a 1mm spacer of you get it wrong or err on the conservative side..  Note i haven't pushed the rim in all the way.

Potentially you could create 15mm offset by glueing the rim on the unslotted section, however with out the slots, it'd possibly spin off.

Thats a pity, because my 220 mm porsche would like that.

It desires large rear dish.

The equal at the rear of the 215mm 86.

Deep! Haha.

But I bet you have to settle for a larger wheel hub HEX and the 9mm private putting

Up the front, 5mm fits this chassis, however my different chassis desires 9mm all round.

Mesh could be brilliant for those Group five motors or Croup C vehicles of the 1980s.

So the Mesh wheels look notable in Black and hyper black. If you choose the right vehicle.

Chrome rim and gold middle could replicate BBS style rims quite properly.

Pretty cool

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