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Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept

The Mob is the proposal to Toyota Sports Cars Concept. Toyota MOB concept car, was designed by Spanish designer Jorge Marti Vidal. The Mobius strips have been involved into these cars. The Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept is the work of Spanish designer Jorge Marti Vidal. The concept was developed during his final year of the Masters degree course in automotive design at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept

The “Toyota MOB” is a cars concept that inspired by the idea of the Mobius strip incorporates unusual bodywork. There are the two films also available to change the interior and the exterior structure of this sports cars.

Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept

These movies also are responsible to form the sprint board and the seats of the car. The foremost vital region, in which the driving force is locate to be seated, is obvious to feel real sensation of the car racing. With the assist of the obvious central place, the driver of the Mob can view the floor carefully. The wheels emulate the shapes of the blossoming plants. The automobile became made from an organic material ?Liquid wood,? That is created the usage of the waste product of lignin, left after the manufacture of paper.

The liquid timber is from one of the organic substances that could without difficulty be changed into numerous shapes. The zero-emission automobile incorporates two continuous panels, which weave their manner backward and forward to form the body and the chassis. Moving on the wheels with integrated automobiles, the racing car includes an all-electric drivetrain to ensure an in-wheel power. Measuring three,643 x 1,787 x 1,063mm (LWH) in dimensions, the electric vehicle tout dynamic eco credentials without compromising the fun.

To further improve the Toyota MOB’s eco-friendly credentials, the proposed drivetrain is all-electric – with each wheel getting its own dedicated motor. Vidal envisaged the Toyota MOB as a environmentally responsible racing car, but it could just as easily act as a lightweight sports cars. As such the car is fitted with a small cargo area for storing personal items.

Adding more to Concept’s green factor is an all electric drivetrain, wherein all the wheels have individual motors to propel the car. Coming to its construction, the car is made of two panels that weave back and forth. The panels not only give this vehicle a perfect shape, but make up everything from the bodywork and chassis, to the seats and dashboard. The designer has envisioned an eco friendly and lightweight race car that makes environment feel happy.

Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept

Mob Toyota Sports Cars Concept

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