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GCRC Hachi Roku Matsuri - Part #3 Twin Drift

Battle Time! Twin Drift is Team Drift.

The Driver you practice with should have a similar setup and similar style, That's the key to twin drift success.

Many a lap, spend side by side, matching speed and line.

Knowing when and where to initiate.

in chase or lead.

But when the pressure is on. sometimes you back off and play safe for nerves. But we must remember to just go for it and have fun.

Play how you practice.

Now these two drivers know each other's lines.

I could show two near identical photo's at this corner.

Door to absolute door crated some tiny taps.

that can make or break.

They certainly have their machines matched.

Father son teams starting to gel.

Won't be long until that gap closes.

last minute match ups are hard in twin drift.

deciding whether to lead or chase is always difficult.

But once that's sorted, you can concentrate on line and angle.

But with only 3 laps, you need that practice base.

Even experienced sliders find it difficult to adjust to new pairing with unmatched machines.

In this case both are usually found out in front in the lead position,

So that proximity was not quite there with different CS setting and unfamiliar boundaries.

Newcomers tried their luck too.

it's a different experience to have a battle with everyone else watching.

But a big double handbrake finish had everyone smiling.

So time to ship the 86 off to the next event. Sydney? Melbourne? Japan? Where shall it go?

Also time to prepare the FC3s and FD3s machine for July. Seven's Day is coming.

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