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2011 Ultimate Aero II Sports Cars New SSC Supercar

The SSC Ultimate Aero II (pics thanks to Jalopnik). The first photos of the SSC Ultimate Aero II, which hopes to take back the crown as world’s fastest production car in 2011. The car world may have been in melt down for the last year or three, but some things are beyond recession. Ultimate hypercars is one, and it seems there are as many uber-wealthy people on the planet who are willing and able to indulge their desires for the best there can be as ever. A new car that hails from America is set to dethrone the Veyron Super Sport and grab the world's fastest title. 2011 Ultimate Aero II Sports Cars New SSC Supercar. That car is the new SSC Ultimate Aero II. The top speed of the Ultimate Aero II is pegged at somewhere north of what the Veyron is capable of.

SSC was quietly building some of the most extreme vehicles on earth until it leapt onto the global stage by topping the original Bugatti Veyron's record-setting top-speed with a scorching 255.83-mph run, 3.11 mph faster than the Veyron, in its first generation Ultimate Aero pictured in the gallery below. That record stood for nearly two years until the Veyron Super Sport smashed it with a 268-mph averaged run last month. The Ultimate Aero II will be powered by a 6.2-liter V8 which will produce some 1,200 HP. The car will debut next year and will challenge the record speed of 268 mph set by the Veyron Super Sport. Last month SSC teased the next Ultimate Aero. Now we have the first photos. We still don’t know what SSC has done to the existing 256 mph,1,183-hp 6.2-liter V8 to make it deliver another 13mph to break the Veyron, but now we know what it looks like.

2011 Ultimate Aero II Sports Cars New SSC Supercar

About Ultimate Motors.

Ultimate Motors accommodates for the needs of sports car lovers in the Middle East. With a dealership office in the heart of Dubai, the distributor is committed to bringing its clients the worlds most esteemed vehicles. Offering a wide range of prestigious sports cars from all over the world, the company is planning to expand its operations to the rest of the GCC and Russia.

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