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Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

The Japanese Cars company has created the Air concept, an alternative transportation solutions for those with a hyperactive lifestyle. The company's designers took inspiration from roller coasters and skydiving wind suits, the Honda Sport Cars Air Concept is powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system.

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

This gadget ?Utilizes faster vacuums and outside air-waft to regenerate tank stress for prolonged range and extended raise for an expected 100 miles?. To keep the automobile lightweight, all additives are established immediately to the chassis, casting off useless systems.

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

With a chassis composed of vegetable-based polymer panels, Honda Sport Cars Air Concept weighs a mere 800 pounds and its reserve tanks can be filled via a gas station tire filler or a common off-the-shelf air compressor.

The Honda Sport Cars Air Concept’s cockpit and package is aimed at maximizing the open air experience. In order to save weight and increase performance, a hub-less wheel and drive system eliminates the use of heavy drive train components. Additional weight savings are achieved thanks to the glass reinforced seating panels, urethane tire composition and skeletal sub-frame components.

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

The primary tanks and reserves can be crammed speedy and adequately the use of a simple generator / air compressor at domestic or a tire filler on the local filling station.

At just under 800 lbs., the powerful anthem of pneumatic propulsion and a character unlike any zero-emission vehicle exemplifies Honda's concept of fun to drive. The pow[air] of dreams Honda Sport Cars Air Concept.

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

Overall design and look of Honda Sport Cars Air Concept paves way for futuristic cruiser cars that have the perfect combo of style, ride elation and most importantly zero-emission properties combined with ample power under the hood to set your heart beat racing.

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

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