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BMW 750Li (2013)

CAR GARAGE | BMW 750Li (2013) | The BMW 7-Series meets the highest global standards when it comes to aesthetic appeal and innovative technology. The upgraded BMW 7-Series reaffirms its stylish presence and sporting prowess in 2012 through new expressive design features at the front and rear. Hallmark BMW proportions, Such as a long wheelbase, short front overhang, long, sweeping bonnet and set-back passenger compartment with a coupe-like roofline, define the sporting and elegant silhouette of the BMW 7-Series. The powerful rear of the BMW 7-Series exudes a feeling of sporting assurance. The horizontal lines and subdivision of the rear into Several levels visually lowers the height of the car. The design of the brand's familiar L-shaped rear lights, linked by an eye-catching chrome strip, Remains unchanged.

The V12 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, direct petrol injection and continuously variable camshaft control represents the pinnacle of the BMW 7-Series engine range - no change there. The all-aluminum powerplant generates 400 kW/544 hp output of 5.972 cc displacement from its peak and makes torque of 750 Newton meters (553 lb-ft) available as low down as 1,500 rpm. The revised V8 petrol engine under the bonnet of the BMW 750i is making its debut. The eight-cylinder engine belies its improved performance with better efficiency than ever; with overall fuel consumption of 8.6 per 100 kilometres litres (32.9 mpg) and CO2 emissions recorded at 199 g / km, the BMW 750i its less powerful predecessor Trumps by a clear 25 per cent. In the Chinese market, the BMW 750i is powered by a 4-liter variant of the 300 kW/408 hp engine offering and 600 Newton meters (443 lb-ft) of torque.

The petrol engines in the BMW 7-Series line-up are Awash with state-of-the-art technologies, packaged together to create a superb piece of engineering. These include BMW TwinPower Turbo technology featuring twin-scroll turbocharging, High Precision Direct Injection Petrol, Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing and Valvetronic fully variable valve timing. The luxury sedan's BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel powerplants likewise showcase the very latest technology in BMW drive. With Their latest-generation common rail direct injection, turbocharging and all-aluminum design, the cutting-edge diesel units are blessed with high pulling power, refined running and Unsurpassed efficiency. The new range-topping diesel models - the BMW 750d xDrive and BMW 730d - go one better by offering advanced technology BMW BluePerformance, the which enables them to easily undercut the EU6 emissions limits. All engines in the BMW 7-Series are partnered by a highly sophisticated eight-speed automatic transmission, the which stands out for its excellent efficiency, compact construction and innovative design gearset. Together with the minimized torque converter slip, internal high efficiency, low friction losses and intelligent transmission control, this creates substantial potential for fuel savings.

The BMW 7-Series now boasts an even more extensive safety package Active Protection thanks to the Addition of the attentiveness assistant. The system's electronics Analyse driving behavior on the basis of Various signals Such as steering angle, road speed and other engine parameters. At the start of every journey when the driver and front passenger seat belts fasten Their, the Active Protection Reduced-motorized belt retractors any belt slack. If the car enters a critical pre-crash scenario, the driver and front passenger belts are pulled tight, and the side windows and sunroof are closed. If a crash is unavoidable, the system will automatically brake the car afterwards without any intervention required from the driver. This reduces the likelihood of - or even prevents - a secondary collision.

Large supporting structures with a high load-bearing capacity and the intelligent use of high and ultra-high-tensile steels multi-phase coupled with a large number of aluminum components maximise the strength of the safety passenger cell, while keeping weight low. The combination of aluminum and steel roof body is unique in this segment. The body's bonnet, front side panels, front spring struts and doors are all made of aluminum likewise on the BMW 7-Series. Individual protection at every seat. The BMW 7-Series is equipped as standard with front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, plus head airbags for both rows of seats.

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