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2010 Citroen Lacoste Concept Cars The Car of The Future

Two names, Citroën and Lacoste, have come together to be unveiled at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show, this new model is an emblem for a state-of-mind and a lifestyle. Clearly alluding to leisure and pleasure, it takes a simplified, no-nonsense approach to motoring - without forgetting refinement - and transports passengers to a lighter, fresher world.

2010 Citroen Lacoste Concept Cars The Car of The Future

At the crossroads of motoring, fashion and sport, the Citroën Lacoste concept cars is a “shared vision of boldness, creativity and optimism” between the French brands, according to the pre-Paris press release. At first glance, the Citroën Lacoste concept appears to be a very optimistic car indeed, as it doesn't have a roof to mitigate the inevitability of a bleak French winter. 2010 Citroen Lacoste Concept Cars The Car of The Future.

Pure, simple and laid-back, while remaining sophisticated, the Citroën Lacoste takes another step forward towards the car of the future - a vehicle aimed at putting an end to the "always more" mantra that often reigns in the automotive industry.

The new model also fuels Citroën's thinking of focusing on the essentials to create original cars that are affordable and economical, while losing none of their ambition or motoring passion, notably through premium styling.

Stylishly minimalist and elegantly laid-back, the Citro?N Lacoste right away attracts with its off-beat sports aesthetic. It capabilities a high waistline; bulging and textured wings; minimal overhangs the front and rear; and golfing ball-style alloy wheels, placed in the furthest corners of the frame. After a longer inspection, it's miles this automobile's "open" physique that appeals - promising a satisfying power, whilst expressing a wealth of inventiveness and elegance.

Powering the concept uses a small three-cylinder petrol engine with ?Lots of performance on faucet? In step with the click release, as the compact (three.45 m long, 1.Eighty m wide, 1.52 m excessive and with a 2.30 m wheelbase) car must be quite light, which, as in keeping with the brand, offers sufficient electricity to a vehicle of this length and weight


2010 Citroen Lacoste Concept Cars The Car of The Future

Among the alternative styling information there are golfing ball-style alloy wheels, a rectangular remedy layout reminiscent of the sections of a tennis internet on many elements of the automobile, integration of the lighting into the bumper in preference to the sheet metal and Lacoste protected stowage in its dashboard and under the 2 bench seats.

The concept motors might be showcased on the Paris Motor Show on 30th Sep, 2010.

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