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Would You Believe that this Skoda Octavia RS Photo has More than 3,400 Diggs in Less than 48 hours?

Sometimes we begin to surprise if there may be any good judgment at what makes net customers 'click on'. Take this picture for example. You'd think that it wouldn't be really worth a 2d appearance, however accept as true with it or now not, this cropped photograph of a pink-coloured Skoda Octavia RS Mk1 has received greater than three,400 votes on Digg (up to now, that is) in much less than forty eight hours! And like most of you that are reading this submit now, we too were curious to discover what makes this photo so unique to attract the attention of such a lot of internet users.

Well, to reply that query we headed over to the remark section of the particular Digg publish. While a few commentators "saw" a snake and others a... Bathroom seat on the rear bench, what certainly made internet users 'tick' in this situation was the endure sticky label at the window as it turned into related to the so-called "Pedobear" which in flip is related to pedophiles - swear to God, first time we ever heard about this.

Not noticeably, to maximum people who clarification sounds plenty higher than let's consider, the owner's kid surely positioned the sticker at the window...

But as one person on Digg wisely placed it, "It's outstanding how effortlessly human beings are amused nowadays...". Nuff said.

Via: Digg , Photo: Imageshack

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