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Eterniti Artemis (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Eterniti Artemis (2013) | The car, named Artemis, is the world's first Super-SUV - a term created by Eterniti for a new class of vehicle Providing the higher levels of luxury, performance and exclusivity demanded by today's Wealthy car buyers but the which have not been available until now. The car will be in production by summer 2012, beating Bentley, Lamborghini and Maserati's luxury SUV offerings to market. Orders can be taken now through Eterniti's sales operations in Europe (London) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Taipei), for deliveries starting in autumn 2012. The car has a limousine-like rear cabin featuring up to 100mm of additional legroom, reclining rear seats with twin heating and cooling, with iPad-ready electronic reveal holders, and a drinks chiller.

Unlike a conventional limousine, an SUV can offer excellent handling and driver appeal, and the ride height and ruggedness are poor road surfaces Suitable for the which can make-Limousines and conventional high-performance cars completely impractical. The Eterniti Artemis is the ultimate crossover. The body panels are carbon composite and hand-built, and finished in a large choice of paint colors, complemented by chrome trim styles different. Ultra-low profile 315/25 tires sit on a dedicated 23 "super-lightweight forged alloy rims in a variety of styles.

Macqueen Previously developed to production the Jaguar XJ220, then the world's fastest road car, and has engineered three outright Le Mans 24 Hour race wins for Jaguar and Bentley. With a similar specification vehicles to the Beijing show the Eterniti Artemis is priced at the local currency equivalent of £ 210,000 plus local taxes in all markets except China, the which will have a unique pricing strategy. Establishing a Eterniti is Wholly-owned network of showrooms in key centers.

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