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Audi A9 (2015)

CAR GARAGE | Audi A9 (2015) | 2015 Audi A9 is estimated to be the most unique vehicles ever created by Mercedes, a competition to competing English immediate Aston Martin Rapid (and even Comes Royce). 2015 Audi A9 with four doors. This will include different styles of Things Discovered Discovered throughout the car was in the way of good results of Mercedes A. 2015 Audi A9 Multiple Idea hybrid automobile is a fantastic car, developed by Daniel Garcia of Italy.

Powering the 2015 Audi A9 will be a hybrid program, the progression in the area of 500 hp. 2015 Audi A9 introduction is planned to hit the street in 2015. A9 upcoming Mercedes versions are the most magnificent ever developed. Idea Sportback 2009 is, of course, the route of the Mercedes style expressions for the head, but the A9 will head to a new stage.

2015 Audi A9 program line-up wanting to see the 3.0 TFSI program with around 300 hp for the primary edition, and the V8 with 500 HP for the best edition. Compounds, the which are also possible, blend applications with electrical energy applications of 500 hp. Audi A9 before the new building was built Volkswagen modular block (MSB) That platform will be used for different models of Audi, Porsche, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

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