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Alfa Romeo MiTo (2014)

CAR GARAGE | Alfa Romeo MiTo (2014) | The Mito is sold in Europe with Several versions of the turbocharged 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine powers the Fiat 500 That. All use Fiat's innovative MultiAir valve-control system, the which also features on a 900cc 2-cylinder engine economy dubbed "TwinAir."  A few words about MultiAir, the which Fiat touts as the first "Fully Variable Valve actuation" system available on mass-market cars. Fiat also claims up to 10-percent better fuel economy versus a comparable non-Multi Air engine, plus up to 10-percent lower CO2 emissions (a major regulatory issues in Europe). Though it's not a power-booster per SE, Hence the Mito's turbocharging, MultiAir is significant as the kind of modern small-car technology That prompted Chrysler's creditors - U.S. and Canadian Governments included - to let Fiat take management control of the American automaker.

In current 2-door form, the 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito would be about the same size as the 4-door Honda Fit , but trimmed and equipped to Compete with upmarket-brand small cars, especially Mini Cooper 2-door models. The name, pronounced "mee-TOE," refers to Milan and Torino (Turin), the Italian cities where most Alfa Romeos are built. Mito shares a platform with Fiat's Grande Punto Euro-market hatchback and has so far been available only in 2-door form. However, a trade weekly Automotive News reports That the US-spec Alfa Romeo Mito 2014 will be a 4-door hatchback, Perhaps on an extended wheelbase.

The American-market 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito should retain the existing European Model's 4-wheel independent suspension with four coil springs, front struts, a twist-beam rear axle, and driver-adjustable shock absorbers electrohydraulic. Ditto the steering, the which uses gas-saving electrohydraulic assists instead of the traditional beltdriven hydraulic pump. Brakes are 4-wheel discs with ABS and an antiskid system with integrated traction control. Alfa's DNA mapping system electronics is sure to be available and Perhaps a standard for some models.  On the safety front, the 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito was designed to Achieve top ratings in Euro NCAP crash tests, the which are similar to U.S. procedures.  Other features are unclear at this stage, but the US-bound Alfa Romeo Mito 2014 should offer most all Euro-standard equipment and options market. Prime Among these are a large glass sunroof, premium Bose audio, a navigation system, and Fiat's voice-activated "Blue & Me" infotainment controller, the which is similar to the Ford Sync system and was also developed with Microsoft.

The Mito serves as the entry-level Alfa Romeo in Europe and is planned to anchor a U.S. multi-model line that's currently slated to form up during calendar 2014. Specifically, Fiat / Alfa dealers will be adding the front-drive Giulietta, a Ford Focus-size 4-door hatchback; a new Spider roadster, a modern version of "The Graduate" star and possibly a rear-drive design; and the midsize Giulia sedan and wagon. The pricey limited-edition sports car 4C will remain the brand's global image-leader for as long as it's available.  The Mito was originally billed as a car for the "YouTube Generation." A play target was and is the Mini Cooper, so it naturally follows a similar formula as a well equipped, fun-to-drive small car with youthful styling, good fuel economy, quality materials, and solid workmanship. Most reports show the latest 1.4-turbo gas models doing 0-60 mph in some 7-8 seconds, the which is on par with the base-engine 2-door Mini Coopers but a bit Adrift of turbocharged Cooper S models. Reported positives include mechanical refinement, general fit-and-finish and, unsurprisingly, Italian design flair.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito may be arriving later than Fiat had planned, but it's well timed for a spate of new small cars from other premium brands. M-B's sleeker A-Class hatchback, also just redesigned, may join in, along with Several other body styles on the same new front-drive platform (called MFA for " Mercedes Front-wheel Architecture"). Toyota's Lexus division already offers a smallish compact hatch in the hybrid-drive CT200h, and Nissan's upscale Infiniti brand has Announced a new small car for around 2013. Let's also note That premium-brand leader BMW is planning a range of small front drive cars to slot below its rear-drive 1-Series compacts, though they're not expected to be ready until 2018 or so.

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