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Acura NSX Roadster (2014)

CAR GARAGE | Acura NSX Roadster (2014) | The NSX coupe concept is a Philosophical successor to Honda's original super sports car, teaming a mid-mounted V6 engine with lightweight materials and high-tech engineering. The NSX concept features Honda's new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (super-handling all-wheel-drive), the which sends power from an electric motor to the front wheels and the drive from the direct-injection V6 through a dual-clutch transmission to the rear . Says the reborn Honda NSX, the which returns to production after a mid-decade 10-year hiatus, will offer "supercar acceleration outstanding efficiency", and will Represent the ultimate expression of Synergy Between man and machine. The Acura NSX may just be a movie prop for the new superhero action blockbuster The Avengers, the which opens May 4, but it's gorgeous. Stop and stare, devastatingly, truly gorgeous.

Nope, this is the Acura NSX That never will be, but is. It's a leak over from the parallel universe that's run by Marvel Comics. We've driven enough cars to know that movie, more than Often Often, they're beat to Hell and barely ambulatory.  Unlike many cars movie, The Avengers Acura NSX Roadster Was not built to perform stunts. The script never asked this car to do a single burnout, Rockford or jump. Avoiding means this car Such antics Remains in show-ready condition. The doors open easily and feel solid - like a real NSX.  With the exception of the Pro car seats, some Iron Man red paint on the center console and a hunk of electrical tape where the top center vents should be, the interior is Untouched right down to the tape deck.

The Stark car's front 245/35R18 Hankook tires are a big chunk Wider than the 205/50R15s That were standard on the 1991 NSX . Add the 2-inch-lower ride height and you've got severely restricted steering angles. Purely for aesthetic Reasons, the Stark NSX runs new, oversized brakes with rotors and calipers detailed.  Even an NSX with a quarter-million on its clock and some of its structure hacked away is still a great car. Given time and a budget to chase after the Stark NSX's bugs and glitches, this thing Could be an epic, street-driven roadster.

For a vehicle constructed to survive only a few fleeting moments of screen time, the Acura NSX Stark is beautifully crafted. "We found the base car in Arizona," recalls Rick Bordanaro the vice president of business development at Trans FX. No one at Acura will share how much was spent transforming the car into Stark'sride. The base car was so straight FX Trans That was Able to remove the bodywork, index the car on one of five axis milling machines Their, cover the car in big blocks of foam and then carve out the new body shape right there on the car. When the next NSX gets here in three or so years, The Avengers Acura NSX will be one more element in a heritage it needs to the which it must live up. After a day with the movie car, we're convinced That Stark's NSX is one of the most impressive movie cars ever built. Honestly, it was tough to see it loaded back onto trucks That plain white.

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