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2010 NOVITEC ROSSO Sports Car Refines the Ferrari California

Novitec Rosso has released their sporty styling and performance package for the new Ferrari California. The 2010 Novitec Rosso Ferrari California comes with a custom-tailored tire/wheel combination with diameters of 21 and 22 inches, suspension modifications, more power and exclusive interior options.

2010 NOVITEC ROSSO Refines the Ferrari California

The Ferrari California 4.3-liter V8 engine power increases by 40 hp / 29.4 kW to 500 hp / 368 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 485 to 518 Nm at 5,300 rpm : 2010 NOVITEC ROSSO now also refines the new Ferrari California.

Tasteful refinements with aerodynamic benefits characterize the NOVITEC ROSSO design program for the sports car from Maranello. All aerodynamic-enhancement components are made from especially lightweight yet high-strength clear-coated carbon fiber. The NOVITEC ROSSO front spoiler attaches to the production bumper and lends the sports car an even more striking face. Its sophisticated shape further reduces lift on the front axle for even better directional stability at high speeds.

To reduce raise at the rear axle and as a consequence attain an top-rated aerodynamic balance NOVITEC ROSSO equips the California with a newly designed diffuser for the rear apron and a spoiler lip on the trunk lid.

Three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels additionally play a prime role within the even more lovely appearance of the subtle Ferrari. By choosing a staggered aggregate of length 9Jx21 wheels in front and length 11.5Jx22 at the rear axle NOVITEC ROSSO similarly emphasizes the wedge form of the car.

Technology companion Pirelli supplies excessive-overall performance tires custom-tailor-made to this Ferrari. Aerodynamic and styling modifications include new rocker panels with incorporated airfoils and black aspect markers, a rear diffuser, rear spoiler lip and carbon fibre rear molding. Wheels are 9Jx21 length in the front and eleven.5Jx22 at the rear, shod with 255/30 ZR 21 and 315/25 ZR 22 Pirelli tyres respectively.

NOVITEC ROSSO recreation springs are custom-calibrated to in shape these extremely-low-profile tires, and lower the experience height by some 35 millimeters. At the identical time the NOVITEC ROSSO specialists have developed a further feature to further improve the everyday software of the Ferrari California.

The NOVITEC ROSSO hydraulic front lift machine raises the the front of the car by way of a few 40 millimeters at the rush of a button in the indoors. That lets in drivers to securely navigate parking garage ramps or pace bumps. At a 2nd push of the button or automatically when accomplishing a velocity of eighty km/h the the front reverts to its authentic role.

This injection of more energy accommodates on the only hand a newly calibrated engine control machine with custom mapping for injection and ignition, consisting of a new better redline pace of eight,300 rpm. The tuning package also includes the NOVITEC ROSSO stainless steel excessive-performance exhaust gadget with metallic catalysts and a flap actuator operated from the Manettino turn on the guidance wheel.

NOVITEC ROSSO fulfills customer needs for indoors customization with perfectly completed leather-based and Alcantara interiors. The choice of to be had hues and meticulously sewn upholstery designs is really unlimited.

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