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Toyota reveals hydrogen-powered Mercedes S-Class rival

A new six-seater hydrogen-poweredToyota concept will be revealed at theTokyo motor show.

Called the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, it is said to propose "a new form of the premium saloon in a low-carbon society".

To that end, it’s wheelbase is 30cm longer than that of aMercedes S-Class, despite the fact that its overall length is around 40cm shorter.

This is viable, Toyota says, because of the vehicles hydrogen gas cell powertrain, which has allowed it to push the cabin dimensions throughout the total period and width of the car, with the wheels close to every corner,every containing an electric powered motor. At its widest, the automobile is round two metres in width - around 11cm extra than the S-Class.

The Fine-Comfort Ride?S frame is fashioned to be aerodynamically green, and it runs with a unique cowl alongside its underside to dampen any noise from the road or tyres. On the Japanese take a look at cycle, the automobile is said through Toyota to be rated to a variety of 620 miles (1000km) among refills.

Inside, as the car?S call suggests, the point of interest is on comfort. The seats may be adjusted in step with posture - along with a totally reclined snoozing role - the numerous virtual shows and projection screens are constructed round occupants and the seat format may be adjusted to resource verbal exchange or create personal areas. Notably, the rearmost seats are in a settee-like bench configuration, whilst the the front rows are made of character seats.

As with current hydrogen powered vehicles, including theToyota Mirai, Toyota says the Fine-Comfort Ride can be refuelled in around three minutes.

From auto feed http://ift.Tt/2ywGDam

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