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Saab Sport Sedan Concept Black

Youngho Jong is a Korean layout student, he taken Saab to looking towards future as recreation sedan for 2025 Advanced Warning System Vehicle concept: a rakish, 4-door saloon with coupe-like styling. And no headroom, by the looks of it, however that?S a forgivable oversight. More interesting to us, but, is how he used his understanding of nature and human psychology to come up with a car that isn?T simply smart, it?S downright sinister.

With his research displaying that 50% of motors injuries are because of carelessness, immoderate velocity and tailgating, Jong desired to create a automobile that would warn different drivers to back down and force with care.

Saab Sport Sedan Concept Black

Saab Sport Sedan Concept Black

There are following the 2025 concept, slits open up in its rear panels revealing amber hazard lights, patches of the automobile?S pores and skin also darken. The identical amber slips are found at the the front and sides of the car. Jong took his suggestion from nature?S Fire Salamander, which makes use of its vibrant, menacing shades to beat back capacity predators.

Jong additionally mentions that the Saab Sport Sedan Concept Study?S skin is constructed of a soft, impact soaking up fabric that reduces pedestrian accidents and vehicle damage in collisions. He incorporate sharp edges and the colours pink and yellow to similarly emphasises the possible chance.

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