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Pagani Huayra (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Pagani Huayra (2012) | The result of this attention to detail is a vehicle weighing 1350 kg making the Pagani Huayra the lightest in its class sport scar. The engine's systems have been designed and tested to stand up to the most adverse conditions of temperature and performance. Dry sump lubrication ensures an optimal oil feed to the engine even when the car is subjected to the most extreme lateral accelerations. An oil / water heat exchanger reduces warm-up times by heating the engine lubricant during cold start and keeps engine coolant and lubricant levels at steady operational temperatures. Extensive weight saving programs led to ingenious yet simple solutions. The inter-cooler covers serve as expansion tanks to the low temperature circuit and the engine coolant circuit.

Despite the increase of of power compared to the other Mercedes-AMG V12 engines developed for Pagani, CO2 emissions as well as the fuel consumption have been reduced, to the make the Pagani Huayra class leading amongst 12 cylinder sports cars with That values are respective of much smaller vehicles in the market. The two stage fuel supply system features two microprocessor controlled pumps feeding fuel to the engine with the second pump only activated when Necessary, Thus Spake reducing the energy required to run the fuel pumps and eliminates the waste of excessive fuel being Transported and heated in the fuel lines . This efficiency combined with a large 85 liter fuel tank Ensure Pagani Huayra's grand touring ability.

Several studies were conducted to determine the most frequent types of crashes involving high performance cars. Several cars have been used to perform these tests One car is operated constantly by Bosch Engineering for the application of ABS and advanced stability and performance enhancement systems. Still another vehicle is used for gearbox testing, and general vehicle dynamics development. Pirelli say "Power is nothing without control" and to assure complete control for the driver has developed Pirelli P Zero tires the Bespoke, specifically for the Pagani Huayra.

The prodigious power and torque generated by Pagani Huayra's V12 are transferred to the wheels through a transverse sequential seven speed gearbox and a dual plate clutch and the complete gearbox weighs only 96 kg. Xtrac's expertise in Motorsports was obvious throughout the design and material selection processes That resulted in the strongest and lightest possible gearbox Suitable for road use, with a synchromesh box That offers comfort levels a race car gearbox will never be Able to offer. The suspension geometry has been designed to further enhance the sure-footed nature already present in the Zonda on the longer wheelbase Huayra Pagani.

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