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Morgan EvaGT (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Morgan EvaGT (2012) | The Morgan Motor Company is the last survivor of these British sports car manufacturers. The Morgan Motor Company is in a good position to respond to this challenge Because the company is small and flexible with a proven track record of fast development cycles. It currently manufactures one of the greenest sports cars in the world, the Morgan Four Four Sport. Morgan achieves this result with the use of the new Ford Sigma 1.6 engine coupled with a light chassis

The legendary sports car manufacturer will target new niches ... electric sports cars, a fun weekend vehicle and the first of the new cars will be the Morgan EvaGT, a four seater Coupe aimed at young families, with a bit of drama or automotive theater as we like to call it. This is a revolution for a car company famous for making the same car for 50 years! The Morgan EvaGT makes full use of clever technologies That the Morgan Motor Company has developed to manufacture a lightweight car. Morgan was one of the first car companies to see the advantage of a bonded aluminum chassis to give rigidity but also to save weight. The Morgan EvaGT uses a further developed version of the bonded aluminum chassis of the Morgan Aero SuperSports, a chassis That successfully competes in International GT3 Sports Car Racing.

Morgan was the first car company in 1995 to see the benefit of super formed aluminum, an aircraft technology, to manufacture smooth accurate body parts. Morgan Design have sculpted a new shape for the Morgan EvaGT That focuses on natural materials and understands Their unique technical properties.

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