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Morgan 3 Wheeler (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Morgan 3 Wheeler (2012) | Safety is paramount with a reinforced tubular chassis and twin roll bars for driver and passenger. The Morgan Threewheeler still holds long distance speed records for one liter cars set in the 1930's so why change the shape? The pronounced bullet shape and the exposed chassis and aluminum tub are accompanied by the airplane profile of the car's sides. The car is easy to control with compact dimensions offering a perfect view ahead and to the rear. Dynamism is further enhanced by what the Morgan design team calls a sporty "race on Sunday" design philosophy. The smooth profile makes the car look sleeker and lower. The sculpted bonnet and boot enhance the aerodynamic feel and the short overhangs front and rear emphasize the sports car sense of purpose.

Morgan chassis experts have worked on the driving experience of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler with the same passion given to the development of any new Morgan. The result is a driver's car with properties That do the sporting appearance full justice. During the development process, the chassis team worked on the new Morgan 3 Wheeler in parallel with the forthcoming Morgan EvaGT. The car is approved by U.S. and European road transport authorities for safety and emissions. Big torque spells effortless hill climbing ability. The current focus of the Morgan Motor Company to cut CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption is very much part of the rationale behind the launch of this car. The time is right for Morgan to relaunch the 3 Wheeler.

Bespoke leather and paint are available at extra cost as on the classic Morgan . A Polished engine, stainless steel tailpipes, cowl, polished cowl, headlamps and roll hoops are also extra cost options for a more classic look. High quality decals are available to give the owner the opportunity to boost the sporty attitude of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler.

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