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Mini Clubvan Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Mini Clubvan Concept (2012) | The MINI Concept Clubvan pulls off the trick of blending enhanced practicality and a well-judged focus lifestyle with natural ease. It also Provided the basis for the fully glazed, four-seat Morris Mini Traveller, one of the precursors of today's Successful MINI Clubman. The load compartment of the Clubvan MINI Concept embodies the car's fresh and rigorous interpretation of the principle used in the classic Mini - of Providing the maximum amount of interior space on the smallest possible footprint. The load area Reaches from the split rear doors right up to the partition grille behind the two seats. The totally level floor makes full use of the interior's depth, and that 'allows the concept car's load capacity to exceed the maximum Achieved by the MINI Clubman.

The side walls and floor of the load compartment are trimmed in high-quality anthracite-colored cloth. This uniform color scheme emphasizes the pure-Bred, practicality-oriented character of the MINI Concept Clubvan. Like the MINI Clubman, the MINI Concept Clubvan is a five-door car with a twist. Two front doors for the driver and front passenger, two side-hinged doors at the rear and the rear-hinged Club door on the right-hand side create comfortable access to the interior.

12-volt plug sockets in the rear area of the load compartment Provide additional practicality. Impressive practicality and the brand's time-style honored Lend the MINI Concept Clubvan its unmistakable character. Sharing the exterior dimensions of the MINI Clubman and boasting cleverly Increased storage capacity, the concept car is the first premium model in the small car-based van segment. The exterior appearance of the MINI Concept Clubvan Immediately marks it out as a MINI - and therefore as a premium product.

As is usual for vehicles charged with transportation tasks, the rear side windows of the MINI Concept Clubvan are opaque. Polycarbonate sections - Their outer surfaces painted in the car's body color - and Heavily tinted glass for the rear doors make it difficult, to see into the load compartment. The Unbroken paintwork along the car's flanks offers extensive scope for individualization, the which the Clubvan MINI Concept highlights to eye-catching effect.

The Clubvan MINI Concept Geneva lends Presented in this form of customization a Piquant authenticity - on two fronts. The British company That has literally left its stamp on the MINI Concept Clubvan similar vehicle creates graphics for its customers. And the MINI Concept showcases how these Club van Might look when applied to a MINI van.

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