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Mazda BT-50 (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Mazda BT-50 (2012) | The current BT-50 is Mazda's only offering in the utility segment. In developing the new model, Mazda intended to expand its appeal to customers who lead active and have needs Lifestyles That can not be met by conventional utilities.  AIMS To Ensure All these were met, the all-new Mazda BT-50 was developed under the theme "Active lifestyle vehicle." The result is a utility That offers unique value; it has refined and expressive styling; a comfortable, high quality interior; a smooth ride with the feel of a passenger car; sporty and responsive driving dynamics That Reflect Mazda's DNA ; and outstanding environmental and safety performances.

We wanted to design a truck That Deeply car lovers would be pleased with and proud to own. This led us to define the design concept as a "Sophisticated Beast." As Ryo Yanagisawa, chief designer of the all-new BT-50, explains: Mazda's brand message is Zoom-Zoom, the which refers to the emotion of motion first experienced as a child. With the all-new Mazda BT-50, we aimed to express this emotion through the design, and we drew a lot of inspiration from Various "movements" in the world around us.

We wanted to give the interior of the all-new Mazda BT-50 a more sporty and personal feel to complement the dynamic exterior image, and create a comfortable space to rival Mazda's current passenger car standard. The cockpit is designed to wrap around the driver and Provide an environment That supports enthusiastic driving. It raises Anticipation for a sporty and responsive driving experience That goes beyond any conventional utility.

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