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2012 Eterniti Hemera Concept

CAR GARAGE | 2012 Eterniti Hemera Concept | Eterniti is backed by a group of international investors and is an independent, boutique British marque, Uniquely based in London, where it is Establishing a hub with not only a showroom but an atelier and a Bespoke build facility where vehicles can be created and hand- built on-site to any specification required. The facilities will be completed later this year, Followed by further Eterniti-owned showrooms from 2012 in key overseas markets.

The business AIMS to help satisfy a growing demand for additional luxury and personalized specifications Wealthy Among car buyers, particularly in major cities, global wealth management centers and emerging markets ranging from London to the Asia-Pacific region. At Eterniti it will undergo a complete chassis-up rebuild, Including a new, re-packaged interior, and the light-weight carbon-composite re-skin.

The Eterniti Hemera will feature a limousine-like rear cabin, twin Including electrically reclining rear seats, with heating and cooling, twin iPads with wireless keyboards, and a drinks chiller. Unlike a conventional limousine, an SUV's Relatively compact footprint and wheelbase allow it to offer excellent handling and driver appeal, and the ride height and ruggedness are poor road surfaces Suitable for the which can make-Limousines and conventional high-performance cars impractical. Eterniti has a long-term plan. The plan includes a second product Hemera derivatives for 2012.

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Saya Adalah Orang Yang Suka Menggambar Dan Menulis Serta Menyukai Hal Hal Yang Baru, Terus Belajar Dan Berinovasi Supaya Lebih Baik Lagi

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